My name is Stacy and my mission is to shift peoples mindset to where they can live with ease, more joy and fulfillment. Together we do this through self-awareness, biohacking and mindful practices. I am a certified Conscious Lifestyle Coach, meditation guide and yoga teacher specializing in corporate wellness and international wellness experiences. I am a self-love-self-care advocate and believer in the divination of synchronicity. I personify and teach by Naturality, the practice of following one’s own unique path of wellness and living in accordance to your own innate nature.

My experience in the corporate sector spans over 13 years.  Through my experience, I have identified the need for change with current cultures. By tackling factors both inside and outside the workplace, we maximize on well-being and performance. These corporate offerings also provide insight on what it means and ‘how to’ better focus and concentrate.  I coach through practices of self-awareness, mindfulness, empowerment, neuro-plasticity, and Naturality. I was certified as a coach through the Center of Applied Neuroscience and studied yoga and meditation in India.

I also partner up with and curate wellness travel offerings in inspiring locations with programming meant to stimulate and rejuvenate the mind, body & soul. Just like Bob Marley sang, “Open your eyes, and look within. Are you satisfied? With the life you’re living?” I encourage everyone to answer this question truthfully with them self as the first step in leading a more enriched, conscious and natural life.