Burning man entires #1

It’s been just over three months now since I returned from my first Burn.  The experience of Burning Man was completely beyond anything in my wildest dreams.  I had been fiending to go to Burning Man (BM) for about 5 years, ever since I first heard about it.  But I was so out of the loop of how to actually get myself there and I didn’t have any friends or connections to follow.  A couple years ago I finally made a Burner profile so at least I would know when tickets went on sale, but I never got a ticket waiting in the online queue.

During 2017 Burn, my cousin was visiting from LA, we were in my kitchen looking at Burning Man photos being uploaded on Instagram and I made a declaration.  I said “F it, I am not meant to go to BM, it’s never worked out, I release it!!”  Fast-forward to May 2018, right after Tmrw.Tday a couple of our attendees told us how much they loved our festival and how much is reminded them of their camps offerings at Burning Man and that we should go. In June we decided to pay our Camp dues and join Camp Love Cow.  Once that decision was made, the Universe supported us and in just 2 short months, we had everything arranged and were on our way to Black Rock City.  This is another example and lesson for me of complete surrender.  Once I released it, it had to come to be!  What a cosmic giggle.

I can’t fit it all into one post, and it’s taken me all this time to even process all I experienced, all I took in, but for now I’d just like to share my 7 most memorable take-aways and lessons from the Burn.  More posts on my eight days in the desert are sure to come, but for now:


  1. The BM principle of Immediacy – to be FULLY present brings you into the flow! To not be on any schedule (we didn’t even do any workshops because we didn’t want to ever need to know to the time or day).  This was truly exhilarating. Every moment was FLOW and magic.  Any time we tried to make a plan with friends or campmates, it didn’t work out, when we went with the flow, we bumped into friends and had magical experiences with sunsets and sunrises.

    In the flow with my partner in crime

  2. How incredible it was to live for a week with out the phone.  No messages, no email, no posting on social. Even if we wanted to do these things, there was almost always no service.  Just real and raw human connection!

    Loving every moment

  3. The BM principle of Without A Trace – having everyone be fully aware of your own consumption and waste and having everyone clean up after themselves made this a non-issue.  Coming back to Toronto, which is said to be a clean city, I notice so much litter on the streets, it is so unnecessary! Please don’t litter!  If a city of 70,000 can pop up for one week and be taken down without a trace of garbage left behind, in our city we can learn to use the garbage on the sidewalk.

    Aerial view of Black Rock City 2018

  4. The concept of “ENTHUSIASTIC Consent” – when it comes to hooking up consent is not enough.  If it’s not a hard “YES!” (no pun intended) then it IS NOT CONSENT.  This is something I wish we were taught more about in high school.  Ladies be clear, speak up, say “No thank you” and men, if its not a “Hell yeah let’s do this!” she probably isn’t into it and in some strange conditioned way trying not to be rude.  (You can expect a full post on this topic in the near future because I have so much more to say.) 

    Sculpture Titled “In Every Lifetime I Will Find You”

  5. The BM concept of community – not just within our camp, although many beautiful bonds were made there, but the welcoming feeling and sense of community with every single person on the playa was felt everyday.  Everyone had nothing but love to share.  Back here in “the default world”, this seems so difficult for people.

    Camp Love Cow Family

  6. The Man Burn – the energy that night, the celebration, the gratitude, realizing and accepting everything’s impermanence.  Wow.  This is why the man burns, that big beautifully crafted original piece of art turns to dust.  Nothing stays the same forever.

    Burning of The Man

  7. The Temple & The Temple Burn – Being human is hard, we are all struggling, have struggled and life will throw more our way.  Spending time at the temple reminded me to be kind to others, show compassion, empathy, a smile or a hug.  It taught me to be grateful for LIFE, after seeing so many memorials and stories of loved ones gone, the problems we obsess over really hold little meaning.  Love lots, forgive often.  Tell your loved ones you love them while they’re healthy and happy and here. Do not wait for a reason, do not allow yourself to end up in regret.

    Inside the Temple by day.

I feel so blessed for this adventure and I cannot wait to share more.  If you have ever wanted to go to BM, do it!  A transformative, heart-opening experience I will never forget.  Thank you to Andrew for making this dream a reality!

Peace, light & love abundantly,

Stacy Irie Soul Xx

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