I am always posting on my instablog that “If you ask, you shall receive.”  that “The universe loves a believer!”  and that “Your dreams, wishes and desires are all within your grasp.”  We are told in order to manifest our desires, we have to think about them all the time and actually believe we can achieve them.  So then why doesn’t it seem to work?  Why have we not attained all of our hearts desires when we have made a conscious effort to think about these things that we want in our lives?  Why haven’t I won the lottery yet?!  Well I know why… it’s because most of us are doing it all wrong.

The word "IMAGINE" theme written in vintage, ink stained, wooden letterpress type on a wood grained background.

How you ask is just as, if not more important than verbally asking and believing in your hearts desires.  What ever you put out into the universe is exactly what you are going to get back.  If you want something but your focus is on the absence of your desire, you are actually manifesting against yourself.  You will continue to go without because that is what your focus is on.  When we think about something we do not want, we also invite that thing into our existence and vice versa.  What you get will match the vibrations you put out.  For example if you or someone close to you is sick, don’t think about or focus on wanting the sickness to go away, think about how you will live your lives when you (or they) are healthy.  Be obsessed with the idea of healthy, healthy, healthy.  When the desire is finding a life partner or thinking about the kind of person you want to be with people tend to focus more on what they don’t want than what they do.  People are always using the comparison of their previous failed relationships and in turn end up in a similar situation like they had before.  If your ex was possessive, overbearing, unmotivated, an excessive drinker or smoker, and you constantly seek out someone who does none of these things you are really putting these qualities out there as something you will attract.  The same goes for your fears.  If you focus on your fears for example the fear of being alone then you usually will end up being alone.  Instead of thinking about what you don’t want, think about the qualities you do want, someone who is motivated, fun-loving, positive, healthy, has self-esteem, respect, etc.  Then you can take it one step further and not only think about these qualities you seek, but think about how good you will feel when you are with this person.    Whatever it is think about how good and fulfilling it will be when you know you will have anything your heart desires.

The word "BELIEVE" written in vintage wooden letterpress type.


Feeling and believing in your desires is another important aspect of having it all.  You ask by way of your feelings and beliefs not just with your words.  It won’t matter if your speech is right if your feelings don’t match up or if you don’t actually believe in your gut what you are asking for.  This may not be the easiest thing in the world but you have to trust that the universe will always lead you on the right path on your journey.  When the timing is right things will align and you will receive that what you have been asking for.  Sometimes you won’t get what you’ve been asking for, instead you get something better, something you didn’t even know you needed.

The word "TRUST" written in vintage wooden letterpress type

Just remember, by staying positive and focusing on what makes us feel good and what we want, we send out vibrations into the universe and the universe will send them back through synchronicity.  Your thoughts are energy and your belief is the trigger for synchronicity.  If it is something we truly want and believe in, if we are open to it, we will pick up on those signs and opportunities that will help us achieve our desires.  Chance events align themselves to your advantage when you focus your attention on what you want and this is how the power of manifestation works.  You cannot even begin to imagine the number of events the universe sets in motion for the chain reactions to conjuncture what it is you have asked for.  Most times you will never even know the half of it, but remember YOU can and will get whatever it is you want, just be careful how you ask for it!

peace & namaste. iriesoul Xx

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