Tripatworo, Pat: The creator of ArtCycle Bali and the inspirational change-maker who began upcycling with tires in 2006.

Anytime I come across a business or a brand with a clear vision to help heal and clean up the world, I am so drawn to them.  That is exactly what happened when I found the, Chic Made Consciously (CMC), booth at a festival last summer and met  beautiful goddess named, Cassandra, at a festival this summer.  Her custom hand made designs come from Bali, Indonesia from an artisan who passionately transforms waste on the island.

Cassandra’s line of handcrafted beautiful chic fashion accessories are made from repurposed tire inner tire tubes. in 2014, she travelled to Bali, where “she learnt about the unfortunate circumstances with tire waste on the island and all over the globe.  In Bali, the locals dump their tires in landfills, which in turn pollute the island and waterways.  This sparked a fire inside of her and she eagerly wanted to be a part of this movement“.

In 2017 she created her first collections for the artists to make from these materials that she now sells in Toronto and online across the globe. These items are fair trade, meaning there is no child labour, the artisans work in safe working conditions and she agrees to pay the artisans the wages they set themselves.


Chic Made Consciously Team, Cassandra, Pat & Buddy.

The first time I met Cassandra and heard the story about her line I was an immediate customer.  I was receiving dozens of compliments on my piece and over the course of the next couple months I began bumping into this beauty everywhere.  The message became clear that I was meant to collaborate with her and share her exquisite line and story with the world through my story.  Below are a couple sneak peaks from a shoot I did with Pedro Marques channelling my inner sorceress-goddess featuring some CMC designs.

As well as the accessories in my photos, CMC makes wallet, bags, belts, earrings, chockers and more.  Investing in these unique and beautiful designs will do so much more than just make you look chic and amazing.  You will feel good wearing them, knowing you are helping to clean up the tire waste on the island and protecting their waterways.  You are also supporting the livelihood of families in Bali, and of beautiful entrepreneur and creative designer Cassandra.  As consumers we have the choice to make more conscious fashion choices.  Be aware of where and what your investments are supporting.

Peace, Light & Love abundantly, Stacy Irie Soul Xx

Channelling my inner sorceress wearing CMC wristbands, chocker and head piece.

CMC Sacred Muse bracelets, chocker and head piece.

CMC Chocker and

CMC Flower chocker and bracelets.



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