As always, I want to share with you the natural alternative therapy’s I explore to help maintain an Irie Body.  I constantly try to experiment with the more natural, uncommon methodologies of detoxifying and caring for my body.  I do it for my own sustainability, but also so I can share the ones that work for me, with you.  Today it is It is a type of body therapy; a massage, that not only helps to relieve pressure and tension in the body, as well as emotional baggage, but is also great for detoxification.  It is also a natural instrument that can be used to reverse cellulite and wrinkles, (oh yes ladies, the wrinkles on your face! No need for injections here!).

cupping-phelpsDo you remember the Summer Olympics 2016, when USA’s Michael Phelps made an Olympic World record winning his 23rd Gold medal throughout his career?  Inspiring right?  But do you also remember those perfectly circular purple dots all over his body?  Well I do, and I remember thinking, “Oh, he does cupping!”, and recalling that was on my list of things to do/try and finally I have.

17125532_395059577525803_514758719553142784_nSo what is cupping?   This is how Katie, at Whole Life Balance in Toronto explained it to me.  Think about when you go for a regular massage.  The rubbing, kneading and adding of pressure to grind out and release knots, pain and tension.  It usually does the trick, but now think of how over time, all that is really doing is pushing the tension deeper and deeper into the tissue and into your body’s fascia.

fascia-quote“What is fascia?” might be your next question.  It’s something I learned about in my Yoga/Meditation training, but Katie gave me a great visual explanation that I will share.  Fascia, also referred to as the myofascial system, is another organ in you your body.  Like your skin which is known as the body’s largest organ, your fascia is all over you from head to toe like a band or sheet of connective tissue.  She said, “think of is as the connective gooey cells that hold all your organs, muscles, tissue, ligaments, really just every part of your body together”.  In addition to the physical pressure and tension deep within our tissue, we also tend to hold a lot of emotion from life’s experiences within this sensory organ.  Cupping, as well as deep stretching helps to release both!

me-cuppingSo let me tell you about my first cupping experience (there will be more).  First off, I LOVED IT.  Katie included some cupping in my massage session and it was like no massage I have ever had.  She placed these rubber suction like cups along my spine and one at a time would move them around tugging at my deep tissue with the force of the suction across each area of my back.  It honestly reminded me of when I was a kid and I used to do this on my arms and legs with the central vac hose (maybe I was on to something there).  When she was done moving around the suctioned cups she gave me the best rub down I’ve had in a long time.  I’m not sure if it was the pre-massage cupping or just her magical hands, but I floated out of there feeling like I was on a cloud.  Also from doing two back to back intensive yoga trainings, I was feeling extra pressure in my hips.  She cupped around my hips and pelvis and it was like a release I had never felt before.

16790261_626103287590427_3041479093502607360_nTo get a full cupping treatment is to get a detoxification where literally the toxins are suctioned out through the skin.  For this process she uses different cups and leave them on you for longer periods of time.  This is where those markings on the surface of the skin comes from.  Depending on the level of toxins and what is coming out of your body, the shades of the markings can vary.  Also, I mentioned earlier Katie also specializes in cupping for cellulite and wrinkles on the face.  It actually makes perfect sense if you think about it.  The suction of the cups literally pull your skin back out to its original form.  NATURALLY.  And no, you will not have purple marks on your face.  The cups used here are much smaller and moved around rather than just sitting on one spot.

wlb-deskIf you are intrigued and want to give cupping a go, l highly recommend coming to see Katie at Wholelife Balance in Toronto.  You can book an appointment with her online at or call  (647) 946-5075.  This is where I teach my boutique Hatha and Yin yoga classes, as well as Aerial Yoga and Guided Floating Meditations.  We also offer Vitamin IV drip therapy.  It really is the seat of all encompassing wellness in Toronto.

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