You know those visions you get? Those messages from your higher-self?  Great idea’s of things that would make you really happy?  We all get them from time to time, and they can give us those sudden bursts of excitement then be just as fleeting in the next instance.  This is usually because the “how’s” usually creep in, the daunting tasks, the what if’s, and we let go all go.  In actuality, these are exactly the intellectual downloads we should be following and seeing where they lead.

Last fall the idea came to me (and not for the first time) to host an Irie Soul Retreat in Toronto.   I had assisted and co-hosted with Gillian B both in Toronto and internationally in Bali and I knew there was passion there, in bringing people together.  I always shied away from the idea because of all of the ‘how’s” that crept into mind but this time the message was clear to contact my friend and ask to host at his historic mansion in the city.  Long story short, the first Irie Soul Retreat took place last Nov with an amazing turnout, some delicious vegan food, live grand piano for yoga and meditation and super high vibes.  The synchronicities that came into play leading up to and at the event (an out reach from sponsors like Voir Haircare, and a pianist showing up just to help out with my girlfriend who was assisting me after my pianist couldn’t make it!) were my confirmation I was exactly where I was meant to be.  A few weeks later that voice told me to do one again.


Clearing the air with palo santo wood from Palo Santo Supply at my first retreat, “Retreat to the Manor”


Trevor on the grand piano serenading our yoga flow.


The group vibrating high after our Doterra essential oils workshop.

As we were approaching the holidays so many things told me it wouldn’t work, again that self-doubt, but again a venue fell into my lap and even with only 9 days to promote and put the retreat together I decided to go ahead.  That decision to move forward was all the universe needed to begin shifting things in place.  Normally I would have had tons of anxiety trying to pull it all together, finding sponsors, making all the food, etc, but again the synchronicity showed the universe had my back.  The venue, Love Child, offered to supply lunch from Cali Love, my friend Matt offered to play live guitar for the class, I even manifested the journals I wanted to gift for my workshop, then the most magical thing happened.  A couple days before the event, when I had less than a handful of tickets sold I received a package a couple days prior to the event from my friends at Palo Santo Supply.  For anyone who knows me or had attended any of my classes, knows of my obsession with lighting this wood.  Not only for the cleansing, healing and calming qualities of Palo Santo, but to put a little extra intention in everything I do.  So obviously I gifted everyone a piece at this next retreat.  Again, the event was incredible, almost sold out and even I was left in marvel and wonder from the experience we shared.


Feeling the LOVE at Love Child Social House


Matthias Brü on the guitar for yoga

This is what happens when we act fearlessly, follow our passion, listen to those murmurs from our higher selves and take that first step. I have continued Irie Soul Retreats into 2018, just completing a collaboration with Alexandria from Nulove.  We co-created a magical New Moon meditation ceremony with a sound bath of crystal singing bowls while I performed Thai massage on all in attendance.


Vibrating high after the crystal bowl sound healing with Thai massage event with Alexandria from NuLove.

Following this call to bring people together, I have some exciting events coming up monthly.  A Love Brunch in Feb, a Toronto Retreat with David Wolfe and Gillian B in March, Irie Soul lead up to Tmrw Tday event in April, all leading up Jamaica to host and facilitate Irie Soul Beach at Tmrw Tday Culture Fest in Negril May 1-6th.  This all stemmed from that one phone call to a friend asking to use his home for the first retreat in November.  That was the first step it took to get to all of this!

I also want to express wavelets of gratitude to all of the attendee’s of Irie Soul Retreats thus far.  The combination of the energy and high vibrations you have all brought has contributed to my abundance!

I’m learning to tune in deeper to that little voice, and I hope my story has inspired you to as well!  Pay attention to signs, the “coincidences”, listen to the whispers of your heart, make a decision then JUST DO IT.  Take that first step!

Peace & Love, Stacy Irie Soul Xx

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