Yes here it is, another blog about saying goodbye to 2016 and opening up the conversation for what 2017 means for you.  But I am not going to sit here and bash on the past twelve months and say good riddance to a terrible year. I am grateful for all 2016 had to offer.  Yes there were some difficult times, I had some friends go through some MAJOR life obstacles, but that is where the opportunity for growth and change appears.  Had some of these discoveries and tragedies not occurred, these friends would still be living the exact same destructive lifestyles that attributed to their challenging situations.

The promise of a New Year brings the idea of a reset, a chance to start over, it’s the beginning of a new cycle.  Well how about breaking the cycle altogether and trying to do things differently? Instead of making “resolutions” to get to the gym, eat better, or quit smoking, why not resolve to break the cycle we are conditioned into repeating?  If you want to add quality to your life, what are you willing to change or give up to make room for it? You need a plan, something more than just saying so.  If you want to get to the gym or to yoga twice a week, what are you going to cut out of your regularly scheduled programming to make time to get there?   How willing are you to give something up?  Would you say goodbye to your favourite weekly TV show?  How bad do you want it?  How much more of the same cycle can you take?

To know where you want to be in 2017, you should first look at the most significant lesson and take away 2016 had to offer you.  Not a thought to be taken lightly, so really think about this one.  There you can discover what your intention for yourself and your personal growth is for 2017, and what resolutions or changes need to be made to get you there.  As difficult as 2016 may have been for many, so much came from it.  For me, my biggest take away is knowing, I can face my biggest fears head on.  Instead of running from or denying them, I will allow them to surface, bring them forefront and overcome them.  My intention for 2017 is to put full faith and trust in living My truth, being honest with myself and following my intuition.  I am not fully there, as it will be a continuous journey, but I know in what direction I am heading.

I totally get how easy it is to look back to the shit-storms that occurred in 2016 and say good riddance, but going into 2017 with that attitude is really just a recipe for more of the same.  Think of all the good that occurred, even if this may take a lot more effort to recall, in comparison to the “bad”.donald-trump-wins-graphic  Yes, maybe Donald Trump was voted into office, but in life some “evils” are necessary to occur in order for major shifts and expansion to take place.  I feel the rise of a massive wave of conscious beings waking up, and more and more people are going to actually pay attention to what unfolds in 2017 because of him.  There is a silver lining in every situation, most people just don’t have the capacity to understand the light at the end of the tunnel until they see it. Trust me, it’s always there.

celebrity-deaths-2016Some people are hating on 2016 because it took some prominent pop culture icons from us, but the reality is, death is a part of life.  The beauty in death is that it is in the face of it, we actually truly begin to live.  For example, I was a fan of Princess Leia too, but as a fan, am damn proud she had her big screen come back and filmed the new trilogy of Star Wars before her “untimely” passing.  Right up until she passed, she was truly living the life and doing the work she aspired for in film and in her books. The honest truth is, death can come for us at any time at any age anywhere in the world.  It’s the one thing that doesn’t discriminate and treats us all as equals.  The presence of death at anytime should be taken as a opportunity to appreciate the life we have, and take a look at how we are utilizing it.

life-and-death-4ff277e636bb8_hiresIf death knocked at your door and told you ‘I’ll be back for you in a week’, how would you spend that next week?  How would you treat every interaction, what would you say and how would you act towards those closest in your life?  Well don’t wait for that knock at the door to start saying or doing these things, that knock won’t come, just death will.  So for those of us making it into 2017, that in itself if something to be immensely grateful for.

Ultimately it’s going to be up to you.  You can let 2016 chase you out the door letting it smack your ass on the way out, or you can chose to break the cycle and start the new year being grateful for all your blessings and life’s lessons, stepping into 2017 in a positive light.  You can continue the cycle over again and keep doing the same as before, or you can be brave and willing to make changes and leave behind all that no longer serves you.  You hold the power!

Love & Prosperity! Irie Soul Xx




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