Hopefully you’ve read the prequel to this blog about, ‘The Ego’ and the false sense of identity it creates.  Just to reiterate, the ego relies on possessions and self-image to build up its identity.  It is responsible for peoples tendency to identify with the body and physical world more than identifying with or knowing themselves.  But like I also talked about in the post On To the Next One’, possessions and even our bodies are just material things that can only make us feel good temporarily.  Some will say because of the way our society works, looks and things get you further in life, but only for so long – that is just the top layer.  They do not make you; they will not be with you when you move on to the chapter of your journey.  The want for material possessions and the unattainable ideal self-image have been instilled in society’s subconscious to build up the ego.  It is all a huge visage to cover up and distract us from what really does matter and to leave us ignorant to the fact that we are all one with the entire universe – that spirituality lives within us all and that there is unity in all creation.

Those of us who have experienced a conscious awakening and sense of enlightenment are more aware of ourselves and the ego.  I feel myself moving away from a Me, Myself and I mentality towards one of We, Us and Our.  Our planet, our animals and our fellow human beings, are constantly and ruthlessly being exploited for personal gain and to feed peoples egos.  The way we consume, pollute and treat one another is counterproductive for our planet and our souls.  Being aware and conscious of these things suddenly made it crystal clear to me that this obsession with self-image and material things is useless.  Don’t get me wrong, even with my new understanding that most of this stuff does not matter, these perceptions are still engrained into my being.  I still find myself wanting or feeling like I’m lacking in certain areas.  With my new obsession with silks and yoga I’ve noticed changes in my body, some good and some… different.  Some of those parts that “make you womanly” have changed and I feel myself becoming self-conscious about my new body (even more so when I flip though a magazine or swipe through pictures on Instagram).  I try to embrace and accept my new stronger, more flexible, and agile body, but parts of it no longer match up to what we are told is ideal, perfection and beautiful.  Why do most of us feel this way?  Why such a strong desire to acquire these name brand things and achieve “the look”?  It is not by chance.

facial contouring. Woman with a different shades of foundation on her face

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Corporations and those with everything to gain have ingrained this acceptance of what beauty must look like, and marketed the shit out of these big high-end brands in a way that leaves us wanting in a way that it will never be enough.  By making us so concerned with the ego and self-image we are not concerned with what is going on in the world around us.  And what is going on?  These corporations are profiting huge off of major exploitation.  We know that things like styrofoam, aspartame, pesticides, GMO’s, gum, (yes GUM!), plastic and the use of plastic beads in cosmetic and beauty products, (the list could go on) are so bad for us and the planet and these are things we could and SHOULD go without. [If you want to learn more about why these products should be abolished click on each one to be redirected to a link with info – make yourself aware]  Unfortunately someone and I mean someone with the power and connections to others at the top of the food chain are able to keep these businesses “relevant” for the sole purpose of gaining more money and more power.  The result is our animal kingdom is in danger; there are many species that could go extinct in our lifetime.  The planet is being destroyed; rain forests being decimated, air pollution is at an all time high, our oceans contaminated by garbage and oil spills and the exploitation of our natural resources.  There are few places left in the world untouched by the hands of mankind.  Famine and poverty across the world is also devastating and more and more people are getting sick.  Majority of those living in the first world don’t see all that’s going on around the world, let alone think about it.  So why should we care if these things don’t seem to affect us?  Because they DO affect us.  All of us.  We are all connected, we are all energy, we are one with the entire universe and there is unity in all creation.  When a species goes extinct or a rain forest is depleted we will all be affected and feel it in through the imbalance in the earths vibrations and the effects trickle down (in this case trickle up).

Dead turtle in fishing nets         mela, ogm,gmo, conservanti, siringa botox, botulino      farming tractor spaying a field         peau de tigre          Deforestation in El Nido, Palawan - Philippines

When a person purchases a $4000 handbag, or spend $500 on injections to keep them self looking young and plump, do you think it crosses their mind how many people are in need or how many that money could feed?  It does not because all that matters is the ego being satisfied.  I’m not only talking about those in need in third world or war-torn countries.  There are families and children in our own communities struggling to make ends meet and put food on the table.  Even the homeless in our communities are not just simply lazy individuals who choose life on the streets and the circumstances they live with.  In most cases these are individuals with mental health issues who have slipped through the cracks and been forgotten.  The inequality in this world makes my stomach churn.  Like I mentioned in my previous post on the ego, I am not saying these things to make anyone feel bad for living in a beautiful home,  having name brand things or for getting work done to attain their ideal image of themselves, I just want to make people aware.  I sometimes stare into my shoe closet and am saddened thinking of how many children in the world have no shoes on their feet.  It is not any individuals fault nor is it by accident that these desires exist.

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By keeping the masses concerned with self-image and materialistic things, those few in power are able to continue to exploit the world.  They have the rest of us so busy trying to keep up, working away as little worker bees greasing their money making egotistic engine.  I watch the people I walk along side to and from work march like zombies ( it’s actually like walking through The Matrix, where everyone else is “plugged in”), everyday going to a job doing something they don’t love and all just to keep up with the conformation of society’s standards. To have that white picket fence, to drive that type of car, it is a never ending struggle to keep up and while we’re trying to keep up we are totally oblivious how much unnecessary destruction is going on.  These societal norms are something that is instilled in us as children with the structure and format of the school system and how we are taught things ARE rather than how things are COULD be.  Do you think this is the way the world is intended to be?  A place where the majority of us grow up, go to school because that is what we are expected to do, just to end up working most of our lives away at a job we don’t like, just to barely make ends meet.  Where so many people go their whole lives without doing anything to feed their own soul or make themselves happy, because “ain’t nobody got no time for that” in this rat race we call life.  There are those who believe “this is just the way the world works” and it does, but it doesn’t have to.

matrix vs equilibrium 001

The percentage of people with all the money and power in the world is so small compared to those in need, that’s why they are called the 1%.  It is so unnecessary for so few to have so much and for the rest to have so little or nothing.  If we all experienced a conscious awakening and the death of the ego we could spread it all out.  There could be world peace, no need for greed or the constant struggle to keep up or compete with one another.  This constant need to compete, one up one another and show off is all just the ego in action.  When all someone talks about is name brand this and that, plastic surgery’s, injections, fillers, I find myself overwhelmed.  Not that I am against all these things, but like everything else – in moderation.  If there is something that really makes you unhappy and you want to change it, change it and stop there.  But for some people one thing is not enough, they want to change it all to fit the “mold”.  But do you really need to do it ALL?  To have it ALL?  I understand the desire to have beautiful things and to want to look good and feel great about yourself, but they have us obsessed.  If someone breaks away from this constant struggle to keep up, their told they’ve “let themselves go“, well maybe we what we all need is to let go.  Let go of trying to achieve a superficial happiness, let go of all the material things, let go of maintaining an impossible self-image and embrace ourselves, accept ourselves and love ourselves for who we are as we are, and take care of our planet, our animals, and our fellow humans.  This idea of a world where everything is spread out evenly; there is no war, no need, no famine or despair, our animals and our people are happy, healthy, free and safe, and our planet is bountiful and thriving may sound like a dream, but it is my dream.  I know there are many others out there who have taken the proverbial “red pill” and woken up and share this dream with me.  Hopefully I have opened your eyes and awoken some of you too.

peace & mindfulness, irie soul. Xx

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