I always want to share with you the innovative therapy’s I explore to help maintain an Irie Body.  I try these new therapies out for my own self-care, but also so I can share my experiences with you.  This time it is It is a type of body therapy; one that helps to relieve tension in the body, while also lengthening through the muscles and major joint areas.  It is referred to as Fascial Stretch Therapy (FST), which is a table based method of assisted stretching that focuses on working the body’s fascia.  Working to achieve an Irie Body isn’t always about looking good, its about feeling good.  When you feel good physically, it will translate into feeling good mentally.

fascia-quote“What is fascia?” might be your first question.  It’s something I learned about in my Yoga/Meditation training and from Katie, the massage and cupping therapist I mentioned in my post, Cup & Release.  To refresh, your fascia, also referred to as the myofascial system, is another organ in you your body.  Like your skin which is known as the body’s largest organ, your fascia is all over you from head to toe like a band or sheet of connective tissue.  Think of is as “the connective network of gooey cells that hold all your organs, muscles, tissue, ligaments, really just every part of your body together”.  In addition to the physical pressure and tension deep within our tissue, we also tend to hold a lot of emotion from life’s experiences within this sensory organ.  Cupping, as well as deep stretching helps to release both!

listen-to-your-body-when-it-whispers-never-have-to-hear-it-scream-1I went for my first FST session with, Brit, from Pulse Pump Prana. She is a personal trainer as well as a yoga teacher so she knows the body very well.  What prompted my decision to try FST was a tight pain in my outer right hip.  I began to notice it after a long walk through the city one day and decided to take action before it got any worse.  Our body’s are so communicative like that, it is up to us to tune in and take action before major injuries or problems develop.

From my basic understanding of FST and what fascia is, I went in expecting more a deep tissue massage that would involve some stretching.  I was wrong.  It was soooo much better than any traditional applied pressure massage. Instead of massaging into deep muscle tissue, it was all deep assisted stretch.  Through a deep stretch she worked into the spaces in between my joints and muscles, into the fascia.  Because of my hip complaint, Brit focused mostly on my lower body, moving one leg around in different positions while the other was strapped in place onto the table.  She moved the leg she was working through a series of smooth transitions into different positions.  She would pause to deepen the stretches and almost like a dance, use the rhythm of her body to ease me deeper into in.  Also, she ensured to perform the stretches on both sides of my body, even though I only had issues with one side.  I felt really balanced and stretched out and loose all over because of it.

img_6365Needless to say, since my FST session the pain in my hip has subsided and I am looking forward to my next session focusing on my upper body this time.  Gratefully I do not have any issues to sort out in my upper body but it will help with recovery and injury prevention from my weekly activity in aerial silks and stretching my students out in my yoga classes.  If you’re intrigued to try this out for yourself instead of body massage, getting deep into that fascia for increased flexibility, range of motion and fluidity, email Brit at britmcquarrie@gmail.com.  If you want to see a high speed glimpse into my hour long session with her, check out the youtube link below!

Peace, Light & Namaste,

Stacy (Irie Soul)


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