I have written a couple times about the value and benefits of meditating.  Yes, maybe at one point I was a little quick to judge when painting a mental picture of people sitting around cross legged, still as statues, eyes closed, humming,  holding hand gestures.  However sitting down cross legged, with my eyes closed, holding hand gestures and connecting with my breath has helped me personally. I’ve become more calm, less reactive (most times) and less anxious about time and other things that are out of my control.  I have also written about my new found love and appreciation for group meditation and now I am going to share with you a few meditation techniques I have learned.  These are just a few tips I want to pass on to teach you how to more openly receive and focus the mind in meditation on a specific intention.

While sitting down and getting into our meditation, my uber amazing meditation coach, Edgar, recommends sitting with a straight back, head up, any which way you are most relaxed.  Legs crosses, stretched out in front, or knees bent, as long as your sitting (not lying down where you may be likely to catch some ZzzZzz’s).  He encourages us to move or change positions throughout our meditation, whatever it takes to remain comfortable.  He tells us that sitting with your hands palms down are for grounding while resting with your hands palms up are for receiving.

Our super ultra amazing private yoga instructor, Karey, has taught us a few easy hand positions, referred to as hand mudras, (what I had previously referred to as ‘hand gestures‘) that can be used during meditation to help you achieve more specific results.  They say that hand mudras are used as a way to specifically circulate and activate your energy while you meditate on a specific intention.  The following mudras that she has taught us simply involve touching the tip of your thumb to any one of your fingertips while keeping your other fingers stretched out relaxed.  Each fingertip is represents a different intention.

Touch your thumb (Fire) fingertip:

chin mudra meditation

On “Sa”, The Seal of Knowledge, touch the index (Jupiter) finger to the thumb for knowledge.  This is helpful in attaining focus and clarity.  Use this mudra if you have a pressing question you need to meditate on.  You can also use this to gain more focus or clarity in the messages you receive during meditation and it assists in grounding your root chakra.

Woman practicing Yoga outdoors...Mudra pose

On “Ta”, The Seal of Patience, touch the middle (Saturn) finer to the thumb for wisdom and patience.  This is also helpful in changing negative thoughts into positive ones and attracting more positivity in your life.


On “Na”, The Seal of Life, touch the ring (Sun) finger to the thumb for vitality and manifestation.  This will activate the power of giving continuance of life, assisting you to move forward no matter what the circumstances, while helping you to concentrate on manifesting and believing in your dreams and life’s desires.


On “Ma”, The Seal of Clarity, touch the pinkie (Mercury) finger to the thumb for better communication.  This will help you better express yourself and allow you to receive communication in a more attentive manner.

Karey tells us to press our fingertip to the tip of the thumb lightly.  She states that after holding a mudra over a longer period of time, during your meditation it can sometimes feel as though the fingers aren’t even touching, or like the finger tips are magnetically being held together by some cosmic force.  I use these hand mudras at my group meditation classes every week and have experienced both of these sensations.  Some people hold hand mudras while in certain poses when practicing yoga.

There are hundreds of other hand mudras out there, they are used for health issues, well-being, creativity, elevation, as well as other processes.  For each facet of life there is a different mudra.  You don’t have to be meditating or practicing yoga to use a hand mudra,  you can use them anytime, anywhere you feel you need them as they influence the energies of the body.  The longer you hold the mudra the more effective.  Using both mudras and affirmations in combination with your yoga or meditation practice are very beneficial as they not only impact the energies of the body, but they can also inspire your mood and the vibrations you put out into the universe.  You can do it, put your hands into it!

peace & namaste, irie soul Xx


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