I know how cliché this will sound, and I am all for being present and living in the moment, but as the year is coming to a close it is the perfect time to look back, reflect and discuss your last 365 days and what lies ahead.  The holidays is the time to bring people together but most holiday parties are about the food and the drinks.  I feel like the best way to connect at this time of year would be through some real intellectual interaction.  Coming together with some like minded individuals (like I talked about in my post Connecting Meditation – Life Circle) this holiday season to look back at 2015 in retrospect and foster intentions for 2016 is what your soul craves (more than that shot of whisky believe it or not).

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What is your biggest lesson or take away from 2015?  This is not a question meant to be taken lightly, so take a minute and really think about it.  Better yet, get together with some friends and have a discussion about it and really acknowledge each others responses.  What is your intention for yourself and your personal growth in 2016?  What goals have you set for yourself?  Stepping our of your comfort zone and talking about these things with others will help you achieve your goals by making you more accountable for your plans.  Let the cat out of the bag and tell people what you really want to do in life and hopefully they will encourage you and hold you to it in the new year.

This is also the perfect time to take a leap of faith – make a shift and let shit go.  Lighten your load in 2016.  Something I recently posted about on my Instablog.  Let go of the people, things, and habits that no longer serve you.  Let them go, those people who drain you of your energy, let go of the things, the stuff you no longer need.  Purge it all, and donate it to those who are in need.  The more you increase your outflow, the more space you create to allow an inflow of abundance in your life.  Cultivate healthy habits to replace and let go of unhealthy ones.  Let go of any negative feelings of resentment, anger or regret and leave them in 2015.  Lightening the load makes the journey a lot more pleasant.


Image from Instagram: @secretweapons_creative

I am grateful for recently spending an evening surrounded by some amazing feminine energy where we discussed such things while pulling angel cards for added guidance.  We went around and expressed our biggest lessons and take aways from 2015 and what we were going to leave behind there.  For me it was lessons that came through my tremendous spiritual growth and realization that I don’t need to so heavily rely on my corporate profession and that I CAN live the life I desire, doing work that I love.  It was so heartwarming to express this out loud and have the support, encouragement and congratulations from those in the circle (opposed to the typical responses I’ve gotten, “What about climbing the ladder at your government job? Or your pension?!?” *cue eye roll in my direction*).  We also discussed our goals and what we were going to work on personally in 2016.  Boundaries is the big one for me next year, practicing the art of saying “NO! Thank you.” to others and to myself.  Stepping out of our comfort zone and admitting the things that we need to work on is the first step to elevate and really flourish.  Again I was encouraged by these beautiful souls and reminded that change takes time and not to be too hard on myself on this journey.  This was a common reminder to all of the ladies in relation to goal and intention setting for the new year.  Patience is key.

I feel like 2015 has been the year of the shift for me and a lot of those I know.  It’s so exciting to see how the journey will unfold.  You have the ability to write your own story, all you have to do is give yourself time to conceive it, envision it the way you want it to be and then take that leap of faith and work towards it.  A healthy practice of meditation will only help you achieve this, so give yourself that time to be still and journey inward and then get together in your own ‘life circle’ and talk it out.

peace & clarity, irie soul. Xx



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