img_2593Sometimes being so conscious and awake can make what was once a simple task, very difficult.  I am consistently filled with gratitude and positivity, but I am also more aware of so many problems in the world.  Still, I would never trade in my current level of awareness for “blissful”  ignorance.  As a Conscious Lifestyle Coach, I try to always be especially conscious about the items I purchase and the products I use.  It’s equally important for me to consider the impact on my personal health as well as the repercussions they may have on the world.  This made the task of buying a new winter jacket this year somewhat disheartening.

canada-goose-killsMy previous winter jacket was a Canada Goose I had been wearing for the past 6 years.  I remember walking around in it last winter praying I would not bump into my good friend, who is an amazing and incredibly passionate activist for animal rights.  The videos he posted about what goes into making those jackets and the live footage from the protests he attended made me feel shame.  This winter I set the intention to purchase a vegan winter coat.  These little decisions make a big difference when we collectively make conscious choices.

imperativeI searched the web for “vegan winter jackets” and surprisingly came up with many results.  It was encouraging at first, but as I went through the options, nothing caught my eye in reflection of my style.  Everything was pretty plain, “boxy” and basic.  Why can’t we be conscious animal cruelty free and stylish?  Finally I stumbled on a coat that wasn’t sooo bad, through a new local all vegan everything store in Toronto called, The Imperative, so I decided to go check it out in person.  The coat was alriiiiiight, pretty much what I expected from the pictures online but the store offered a few more selections…. then there she was!

img_2636Among all of the vegan coats, I found this gorgeous “Gigi Long Jacket” from Noize Original.  Its super ultra stylish design was exactly what I was looking for, where conscious meets sexy.  As winter has really shown up and we’ve had our first snow fall, I am extremely grateful for my new  find.  Walking the streets of Toronto, I’m cozy and warm in my down-free coat under my faux furry hood.  I’m able to take my time, being present and aware as I take in my surroundings.  It’s a blessing to just slow down and truly appreciate the beauty of this time of the year.  If you like what you see online at Noizeuse promo code: iriesoul to save 15% off your online purchase from now until Jan 1st, 2018.  Thank you @noizeoriginal #makenoize

Peace & light,

Stacy Irie Soul, Xx





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