The best weekend of your summer!
Saturday July 13th & Sunday July 15th 2018 - Annie Williams Park - Bracebridge, ON
Experience the best Muskoka has to offer through Yoga, Nature, and Music; we stand for celebrating and conserving the landscape through connection and community. The festival takes place in one of the most beautiful Muskoka settings – think dockside dwelling, lake living, and park playing!
You’ll be provided with over 30 hours of inspired yoga classes and workshops led by inspiring yoga and meditation teachers from all across Ontario! Join us by the river and on the grass to enliven your senses through movement, music, art, food, and more!
I will be conducting a workshop on Mindfulness Meditation & Neuroscience. I will guide you through a discovery into the practice of meditation; What it is, what it isn't, the benefits and how they relate to your brain health. You will also learn from here a ``Stupid-Simple-How-To`` to cultivate your own practice. You will be guided through a mindfulness meditation and taught a couple breathing exercises and techniques that you can practice anytime and anywhere.
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