Irie means to be at peace with yourself and the status quo of your existence.  An Irie Body means to maintain your body in a peaceful state, where you feel good physically.  This concept has been repeatedly been coming up with clients, in yoga sessions and in my workshops.  Feeling good about yourself on the inside by eating consciously as well as the outside, feeling healthy, able and strong. So what happens when your body isn’t feeling good, when something feels “off” or “wrong”?  This is what happened to me back in August.  I felt as though I strained something in my left arm/elbow/tricep, I’m not entirely sure which part but I’m fairly sure I pulled something in my aerial silks class. I could only bend my left elbow about 70% of the way in.  It didn’t hurt much otherwise, I just lost my range of motion in certain positions.  Like usual, let me tell you about the untraditional natural therapy technique I tried and how incredibly it worked!

carmel-wlbLucky for me, working at Whole Life Balance, I am always surrounded by a team of incredible natural health care practitioners ready and willing to fix me up.  Normally my instinct would be to go to Katie our super-ultra-amazing RMT, but on this particular day the uber-sweet and talented Dr. Carmel Bachar, our chiropractor and medical acupuncture provider, was in.  She heard my complaint and took me onto her table.  I had tried acupuncture once before, but not for any particular ailment or pain, just for the sake of trying it.  I guess because there was nothing I was trying to ‘fix’ the first time, I didn’t really notice any effects.  This time was completely different. For those of you who may not know about acupuncture, it is a safe and effective alternative form of medicine where very thin needles are placed into the body where they gently stimulate the body’s natural healing responses.

img_4301Unlike traditional Chinese Medicine, where an acupuncturist would base the placement of insertion on specific meridian points  to manipulate the body’s Qi energy, Carmel had a more western medical acupuncture technique.  She used her knowledge of anatomy and neuro-physiology, to guide the selection of points as she palpated the muscle tension bands and chose points that would stimulate the nervous system to ultimately get the most effective reslults for my specific injury. For someone who doesn’t like needles and has never actually watched a nurse take my blood, it was not bad at all, I could barely feel them going in.  After a few minutes, Carmel took the needles out and it felt like a huge relief off those tense spots.  I was able to fully bend my elbow bringing my forward to bicep, something I couldn’t do just minutes prior.  It was like magic!  Although I felt cured on the spot, the sensitivity was not 100% gone and I had another treatment a few days later that took care of the tension for good.  Also, after each treatment, Carmel applied Athletic Sports Tape along my elbow and tricep which stretched and held the right parts in the right place.

img_4313If you are intrigued and want to give acupuncture or chiropractic care a go, l highly recommend coming to see, Dr. Carmel Bachar, at WholeLife Balance in downtown, Toronto.  You can book an appointment with her online at or call (647) 946-5075.  This is also the location of the boutique yoga studio, where I teach Hatha, Yin & Pre-natal yoga classes, as well as Aerial Yoga and Guided ‘Floating’ Meditations (check the calendar on my site for my class schedule).  We also offer Vitamin IV drip therapy, a variety of body therapies and always have a nutritionist on site.  It really is the place for whole life wellness in Toronto.

Peace, Light & Namaste,

Stacy (Irie Soul) Xx

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