As we gear up for year two of Tmrw Tday in Negril, Jamaica, and today being Earth Day, I am reflecting on last year’s movie screening.  The film A Plastic Ocean, was screened at the festival, and has since had a huge impact on me.  If you didn’t read my blog, Peek Under the Ocean, you should.  The impact and effects of plastic waste on our planet and sea life is dire.

"Chakra To Me" yoga leggings.

“Chakra To Me” yoga leggings.

I have noticed that over the past year both my husband and I have become very conscious about our consumption of plastic.  Saying no to plastic bags, straws, only using paper plates and cups for events, even supplying my own cutlery at my retreats to avoid the one time use plastics.   A company that we are currently working with to help clean up and support the ocean life is, Secret Lives of Techno Wives (SLOTW), run by our friends here in Toronto, Heidi and Gabi.

These ladies a literally transforming plastic waste into dazzling eco-fashion and spreading a positive message along the way.  Their clothing line is made locally right here in North America, sweatshop free. The fabrics they use are made with EcoPoly, a production process that uses significantly less water than other polyester production processes.  The beautiful and fun designs are printed on the eco-fabrics, so there are no dyes or toxic chemicals involved.


"Project Protect" leggings from SLOTW in support of the Negril Coral Reef Preservation Society.

“Project Protect” leggings from SLOTW in support of the Negril Coral Reef Preservation Society.

For someone who has more yoga tights than you can imagine, when I wear SLOTW, I always get so many compliments for the lively designs.  It also feels really good telling people where the tights are from as I love having a story to tell and educating others about whats going on in our oceans.  This year, SLOTW is the official yoga apparel sponsor for the Irie Soul Tribe for Tmrw Tday.  Not only have they supplied our team of goddess teachers with their eco-friendly tights, but they have also dedicated one of their designs to helping with our environmental initiatives at Tmrw Tday.  Proceeds from the Project Protect leggings will be donated to Tmrw Tday’s environmental initiatives and partnership with the Negril Coral Reef Preservation Society.

"We Are the People" & "Bittersweet Symphony" Yoga Tights

“We Are the People” & “Bittersweet Symphony” Yoga Tights

I am very much aware of the part local businesses here in Toronto are playing to either introduce helpful solutions or remaining part of the plastic problem and try to avoid the latter.  I am really happy to see and happy to support places like the new Chubby’s Jamaican Kitchen as they only uses paper straws, as well as Cali Love, who uses “Plantware cutlery” that is made from plants and is totally compostable!!  Like how did I not know such things exist?!?!

"Groove Me Yoga Tights

“Groove Me Yoga Tights

I encourage you to also pay a little more attention and be a little more aware of your consumption of one time use plastics and where you dispose of recyclable items. I feel so blessed to live in city where recycling bins are so prevalent as well as the recycling pick up services for our homes.  Also, as consumers, you can choose to consciously support companies like SLOTW when selecting purchases. If you love the Project Protect tights as much as I do, or any of the styles on their site, use promo code: IRIESOUL15 to save 15% off your entire order!  My Earth Day gift to you!!

Peace, Light & Love abundantly,

Stacy Irie Soul Xx

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