There is just something so magical about watching your dreams manifest and materialize right before your very eyes.  This is one of those things that you cannot expect someone else to fully understand, unless they have experienced it for themselves (which we all have, but maybe didn’t have the awareness at the time to realize).  Regardless, I am sharing my experience to hopefully inspire those of you working towards big dreams, to show that those dreams can and WILL come true.

img_1787I am finally feeling settled in at home and reflecting on the past few months of travel.  From Australia to visit my sister and niece, to Bali for co-facilitating The Ultimate Freedom Retreat with Gillian B, to Negril, Jamaica for the inaugural year of Tmrw Tday Culture Fest (TT17).  The amount of energy that went into planning the yoga retreat and the festival definitely paid off, but this post is focused on TT17.  There were so many lessons learned and the feedback was nothing short of magic.  For more detailed accounts and reviews on what took place during this divine week in Negril, read what our guests Vice, Forbes, Festival Sherpa and Jamwich had to say about their experiences.  It is ineffable, how much gratitude I have for all the energy that came into and was taken out of this event.  I know I am truly, truly blessed.


The conscious aspect of the festival is what really sparks pride in me.  Being able to create space for people to come together, become more aware of themselves and connect with likeminded individuals is a blessing.  From the wellness program, to the conscious music, organic food, local conscious vendors and more. Being able to lead yoga and meditation classes on Seven Mile Beach and facilitating my Naturality workshop was an experience I will never forget.  It felt so surreal sometimes in those moments, living and witnessing what was once a idea and a dream, happen before my eyes.  I sometimes felt like I was watching myself from the outside and just soaked in sweetness of the present moment.


We also screened the film A Plastic Ocean. Being able to share this documentary and raise the collective consciousness of what is going on in our planet and how we can make a difference was another major pillar of the festival. The film has impacted me so much there will be another blog on that soon. The Konscious Kids Day was another big highlight for me.  It felt so amazing to give back to the local community and offer this group of school children from Lucea the full wellness experience.  A day of yoga, meditation, lessons on mindfulness, a healthy organic lunch and fun in the sand and sea.  Their smiles, joy and gratitude was priceless!  The quote “Miss.Stacy, this is the best outing I’ve had in centuries!!” will ring in my memory forever.



That Saturday night concert was when it really hit home, all the hard work, the energy, the vision was alive and I couldn’t have been more proud of all Andrew accomplished. I could see it in his eyes (he’ll never admit it but I saw a flicker of tears) as well as in the eyes of our close family and friends.  What he accomplished for TT17 surpassed everyones expectations.  I am also beyond grateful to him for being crazy enough to follow through with his vision, temporarily moving to Jamaica and setting the stage for TT and for Irie Soul wellness beach. All the magic Gillian and I created would never had taken place if it were not for his perseverance and tenacity. Thank You.

As a proud Jamaican by decent, I am incredibly grateful for all who came, especially the attendees that took a leap of faith and joined us for year one not fully knowing what to expect.  They experienced not only the festival but also got acquainted wth authentic Jamaican culture, outside the typical all-inclusive views of beautiful Negril.  I am excited to announce Tmrw Tday will be back for its second edition, next Spring 2018 and I hope to see you all there!


Love & Light, Stacy ‘Irie Soul’

(Photo credits: Corey Hamilton and Russel Edwards)



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