Soul Rebels Unite...
...You may have questioned:
Is there more to life than this?
Is there something else out there for me?
What am I missing?
You know there's more.
More soulful connections. A more meaningful life.
A better TMRW, begins TODAY!
Tmrw Tday and Irie Soul have co-created a magical space to fulfill all your wellness needs. A place you can feel empowered Tday as we cleanse, heal and detoxify your mind, body and spirit, inspiring you to be your best self Tmrw.
We will be offering daily programming of meditation, yoga, fitness classes, workshops, conscious speaker series', a healing garden, local food offerings and more right on the beach!
Our interactive workshops centre on 8 Cultural Seeds of Tmrw.Tday:
Culture, Be One - Our Culture is ONE LOVE. Out of many we are ONE People.
Naturality, Be Different - Inspire others by creating Your Own Path and living according to YOUR innate nature.
Plant Karmic Seeds Of Love, Be Altruistic - Giving is receiving and rejoice in your good actions without expectation.
Balance, Be Conscious - Celebrate life; Be healthy but indulge a little; Be human, dance, laugh and have fun. You have one life, enjoy it!
Activate Love, Be Love - Energize yourself and spread Irie Vibes of Peace, Love, Harmony, Gratitude and Compassion. For the seeds we plant Tday, blossom into all the Tmrw's.
Imprint, Be Green - Intentionally leave only your footprints and good vibes behind. Protect Tmrw's planet Tday.
Inclusivity, Be Open - Open your heart to receive new souls and expand your connections beyond your tribe. You don't know what you don't know.
Flow, Be Like Water - Surrender to the FLOW of life and invite yourself to fully submerge into the present.
Every spring a powerful gathering of Soul Rebels unite on the shores of Negril, Jamaica for a first-of-its-kind festival that celebrates you as an inward renegade searching for those who inspire you, elevate you, and even push you to do and be better.
It’s a wellness retreat. It’s a music festival. It’s an all-in experience into new depths of what it means to live life joyfully, playfully, and just plain fully.
Step outside the boundaries of everyday life where you are the vibe-selector to craft your own experience from dawn till dusk.
Connect with yourself.
Connect with your tribe.
Come as you are.
Leave inspired for more.
Slow down, put your toes in the sand, seek adventure, count stars on the beach, be open to finding inner peace and leave revitalized this April 28 - May 3, 2020 — Life Will Find You, Again.
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What is TMRW TDAY?