An Online Conscious Community. A Movement Rooted In Love and Collaboration.
Have you noticed people all over the world slowing down and reflecting? Perhaps this temporary distancing is exactly what we needed. Perhaps turning inward will help us wake up to a new reality of a more sustainable and healthier planet.
Tmrw Tday and Irie Soul have co-created a magical space to fulfill all your wellness needs. A place you can feel empowered Tday as we cleanse, heal and detoxify your mind, body and spirit, inspiring you to be your best self Tmrw.
We offer weekly programming of transformational workshops, meditation, movement arts, fitness classes, soundbath journeys, conscious speaker series', breathwork and so much more.
Our interactive workshops centre on 8 Cultural Seeds of Tmrw.Tday:
Culture, Be One - Our Culture is ONE LOVE. Out of many we are ONE People.
Naturality, Be Different - Inspire others by creating Your Own Path and living according to YOUR innate nature.
Plant Karmic Seeds Of Love, Be Altruistic - Giving is receiving and rejoice in your good actions without expectation.
Balance, Be Conscious - Celebrate life; Be healthy but indulge a little; Be human, dance, laugh and have fun. You have one life, enjoy it!
Activate Love, Be Love - Energize yourself and spread Irie Vibes of Peace, Love, Harmony, Gratitude and Compassion. For the seeds we plant Tday, blossom into all the Tmrw's.
Imprint, Be Green - Intentionally leave only your footprints and good vibes behind. Protect Tmrw's planet Tday.
Inclusivity, Be Open - Open your heart to receive new souls and expand your connections beyond your tribe. You don't know what you don't know.
Flow, Be Like Water - Surrender to the FLOW of life and invite yourself to fully submerge into the present.
Since 2017, we have been guiding change in individuals and the collective through our transformational festival. And now Mother Earth has decided to accelerate this change and Tmrw.Tday has heard the call loud and clear.
We shifted quickly to this online container early this spring and have continued to grow this online community of like-minded soul rebels. Our mission is to bring people together to learn, grow and transform TOGETHER. Collectively we are creating a more conscious and sustainable Tmrw, Tday.
Membership is FREE. We can't wait to welcome you home!
What is TMRW TDAY?