This is a BIG year for me, I am super excited to be going on my first international yoga retreat.  But the best part is, I am honoured to be co-facilitating this amazing experience! I will be sharing my love for meditation, bringing people together and coaching on how to live a more conscious lifestyle at the Ultimate Freedom Retreat in the beautiful Bali, Indonesia, April 9-15th, 2017!

For me Ultimate Freedom means to be living the life of my dreams; connecting others, providing a space of healing, awakening, inspiring and empowering others to live according to their own innate nature.  That is exactly what this retreat will provide for me.  What does Ultimate Freedom mean to you?

Ultimate Freedom also means allowing myself to let go of all that no longer serve me and subsequently holds me back.  Letting that darkness and those blockages surface so that I can face them head on and move in the direction of healing, love and light.  No longer being bound by constraints and allowing myself to create, with intention every experience I desire.  This is not easy, but necessary in achieving Ultimate Freedom in this life.

Are you ready to make a move in this direction?  To commit to a life of healing through self-care and self-love?  To face the darkest places in your soul with love and compassion as you shine bright and live a more authentic life?

E-mail for more information on this amazing retreat. Remember that when you are ready to invest in yourself, the universe responds with abundance and invests in you!

Peace & Namaste, irie soul. Xx



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