Imagine if you could find and reclaim your lost power? The power that you are missing to really take your life to the next level and find personal freedom. Imagine a safe place for you to embark on this deep inner work supported by like-minded, powerful women with a similar goal to move forward in full bloom.  Women who, like you, are finally ready let go of all that is holding them back and move on but just don’t know how or where to begin.

Well, the good new is, this dream-like healing opportunity is coming soon…

Join the sisterhood as we all come together in Toronto on Saturday October 8th, 2016 for 2nd edition of Women In Bloom.

For the day, we will retreat to reclaim our power through an exercise of the mind, body and soul.  We will partake in yoga, meditation, a womb cleansing and activation ceremony and participate in empowering sharing circles.  Not only will we have a chance to connect with many like-minded women and begin forming new support circles, we will also hear, Self-Care Teacher, Gillian B, speak about the steps to personal empowerment, how to make lasting change in our lives and so much more!

This edition of Women In Bloom, is centered around Svadisthana otherwise known as the sacral chakra. For women, this energy center is located in the womb and represents the part of our consciousness concerned with our personal power, our ability manifest our dreams and desires and influences who and what we attract into our experience. Being the centre of survival and creation, the health of this chakra is the cornerstone of all relationships in our lives including intimacy, pleasure and sexuality.

The womb ceremony will be an activation of the sacral chakra lead by special guest, Janna Valentina Sky.  She will lead you through an invocation to activate your right of passage and restore self-sovereignty, releasing us from our pasts.  The meditation will be accompanied by shamanic drumming, Tibetan singing bowl and other sound healing modalities.  In addition, Gillian will touch on the areas where we as women commonly give, but more importantly, can take our power back.

This enlightening experience includes incredible soul food, nourishing drinks, chocolate treats and inspiring swag bags!

So, if you have been looking for a sign, a movement towards growth, a way to connect with a tribe of female warriors, look no further…  This powerful retreat will deliver!!  For more details and to invest in yourself, click HERE!

peace & light, irie soul. Xx

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