Irie Soul

Irie (I’–ree\adj) – to be at peace with yourself and the status quo of your existence / Soul ('sōl\noun) – the spiritual part of a person that is believed to give life to the body


Let It Be

You have probably heard the saying before that, “You can’t control a situation or an outcome, but you can control the way you react to it.” The way we react to situations affects our levels of stress, happiness and overall well being – sometimes more than the situation itself.  I’m not only referring to the way we might react to negative and non-desirable outcomes, but the ways we react to every experience throughout life. The process I have been learning about is non-reactivity.  This is the practice of maintaining more of a balance in emotions, rather than riding on an emotional roller coaster through life.Continue reading

ego concept,


The ego, it is what is responsible for giving us a false sense of identity.  People have a tendency to identify with the body and physical world more than identifying with or knowing themselves.  A conscious awakening and sense of enlightenment occurs when you attain the self-realization that you are not your body, your mind or even your personality.  I’ve read an explanation that reveals our body, mind and personality are our possessions; they are not what make us.  We are not a teacher, a CEO, a dancer or a bartender, those are just the things we do. Continue reading


Step Up To The Mic – Positive Affirmations

An affirmation is an assertion that something exists or is true.  It is a statement or proposition of self-empowerment, declared to be accurate.  I’ve learned that positive affirmations are a wonderful way to develop a confident and more constructive way of thinking. We do this by composing personalized positive statements which facilitate in achieving our intentions or goals.  Remember “The Little Engine That Could”? His affirmation was simply “I think I can! I think I can!” And he could.  He did. Like The Little Engine That Could, we repeat these statements out loud with confidence as a way to not only convince ourselves they are true but to ingrain them in our subconscious.Continue reading


Moment of Clarity

Sometimes we have to make decisions and either follow our heart or listen to that voice in our head.  Before I continue I want to make clear I’m not talking about matters of the heart, love or relationships, rather situations that we face.  Sometimes our heart knows whats best for our soul and sometimes we are able to see more clearly when we think it through in our minds.  Our initial gut instinct will tell us one thing, but then we really start to think about it we want to do something else. It all comes down to reactivity.  Sometimes it will result in a compromise between what your head and soul are telling you to do, something I experienced this past week. Continue reading


From The Heart

I while back I posted, My Intro To Chakras, – the seven energy centres that make up our aura. Everything we experience and everything we feel gets filtered through our chakra system. Our attitudes and the way we react to experiences directly affect the state of our chakras and can cause imbalances that can affect our physical and mental health.Continue reading


Breathe Right

Breathing.  We do it all the time without even thinking about it. It is a physiological process, something we were born doing in fact we’re doing right now; but this is not what I am referring to when I mention the breath. In our normal day to day we are taking shallow breaths, and shallow breathing isn’t the kind of breathing that contribute to feeding our soul. What I’m talking about and what I have learned to practice is how to breathe consciously. This is another thing my amazing yoga instructor was the first to introduce me to.  Continue reading

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Rock Steady

Last night I was intrigued by a friends post asking “Anyone else feel a disturbance in the force?” and read all the comments with explanations for it.  After relating what I saw to all the feelings and emotions I had been experiencing  for the past week, obviously I was drawn in and instead of going to bed spent a good part of the night reading up on it.  I was amazed at all in information I saw explaining why I’ve been feeling this way; why at the end of last week I wasn’t feeling grounded AT ALL and why I was actually going a little out of my mind. Have you yourself felt anything different this past week? I was having a really hard time, letting it go, and was letting negativity and my emotions have power over my actions and reactions. Well now I know from the explanations in those comments that there is a reason for my change in mood and vibrations. And yes, all these ‘explanations’ I read up on and am posting, I have verified. There are four major astronomical events occurring causing changes in the frequencies in our vibrations and affecting our consciousness.Continue reading


Irie Soul Time

People have asked me what made me start this blog and what motivates me to keep it going.  I know I have mentioned an awaken consciousness and glimpse into enlightenment – but unless you have experienced these feelings for yourself, it’s not that much of an explanation, so here I go.  It’s not that I feel the need to explain myself per say, but I do what to throw it out there why I’m doing what I’m doing for those who are curious. Simply put, I’m doing this because I genuinely enjoy it and I truly feel writing this blog is worth my time.  I have always been that of an extrovert, being a Leo/Virgo cuspie I would say it’s one of my more prominent Virgo traits, so putting it all out there is nothing new to me.  Continue reading


Feel The Vibrations

Your vibrations can be described as your field of spiritual energy. Our thoughts, health, emotions and beliefs collectively contribute to the vibrational state of this energy field.  I think of vibrations as frequencies we emit to the outside world from within.  I also think of them as the language of the soul. These vibrations are measured as being either high or low.Continue reading

Freedom, peace and spirituality


Not too long ago I posted, ‘Let It Go. Letting go of difficult experiences from the past, letting go of lingering animosity towards those close to us and letting go of any anger we may feel in the heat of the moment. For some of us, letting go may not refer to a past experience, there may not be a current altercation that needs mending and we may not have crossed paths with that negative angry stranger. Letting go for some of us will refer to letting go of someone. Some of us are holding on to people in our lives, who are no longer are meant to be part of our journey. People grow and people change and sometimes holding on to people that we should let go of, only brings us harm. There’s also the type of people that a lot of us hold onto in our lives when we shouldn’t and those are the type of people who are bad for us. We hold onto people for the amazing memories we share from the past and because of the love we still have for them. Sometimes we even hold on because we are afraid to be alone. When we’re not ready it can be painful, but it’s best to just let go of them – even if they will always hold a piece of real estate in our heart.Continue reading