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Irie (I’–ree\adj) – to be at peace with yourself and the status quo of your existence / Soul ('sōl\noun) – the spiritual part of a person that is believed to give life to the body

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From The Root

Earlier this year I posted, My Intro To Chakras, – the seven energy centers that make up our aura.  Everything we experience and everything we feel gets filtered through our chakra system.  Our attitudes and the way we react to experiences directly affect the state of our chakras and can cause imbalances that can affect our physical and mental health.  I later posted, From The Heart, a deeper look into the heart chakra, also known as the green chakra, or anahata in Sanskrit, which is the center point of this conscious energy system.  Today I am exploring into the red chakra, which is also known as the root chakra, or muladhara in Sanskrit.  Here sits the base and the foundation, of the whole chakra system.


Muladhara, is located at the base of the spine and it is the most instinctual of all the chakras.   Your natural primal, animal nature, survival instincts sit here and it is where our fight-or-flight response is initiated.  I have read that this  chakra carries our ancestral history.  Memories of war, famine, natural disasters, and any events that threaten our basic survival, are all recorded within energies of the root chakra and are passed down creating unconscious generational patterns.  Therefore basically everyone may experience challenges or blockages within muladhara even if only on a subconscious level.  Muladhara has also been referred to as our connection to Mother Earth, as it connects us with our physical world and physical matter.  It represents the part of our consciousness concerned with self-awareness.  It is affected by how we feel about our basic needs in life.   How we are surviving; how stable we feel about our home, our job, our ability to feed ourselves, our safety and our finances.   When these needs are met, you will feel grounded.

Chakra Muladhara

If the foundation of our chakra system is unstable, it will be difficult to evolve.  Just like you cannot build a strong structure if the foundation itself is not strong, we cannot grow and evolve unless we feel safe and secure.  This is why it is just as important to balance muladhara as it is the higher chakras.  The foundation must be stable and deeply rooted for true transformation and spiritual growth to take place.

People who constantly worry and stress themselves out about money block their root chakra causing an imbalance in it’s flow of energy and create anxiety for themselves.  Most people are so concerned with all the material things we are so overexposed to in the ego world, that they never feel satisfied or content.   Even if we have a job, a house, food to eat, many of us still feel like we are not surviving, or are barely surviving in the rat race we call life.  This constant need for more and more stuff, hinders our ability to open Muladhara.

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An easy way to balance this chakra is to be grateful.  See the abundance in everything around you rather than focusing on what you lack.  The more you are grateful, the better you will feel and the more the universe will give you to be grateful for.  Meditating is great for grounding and can also be beneficial when trying to balance muladhara.  The colour red is associated with this chakra.  When meditating  envision this colour spinning in openness at the base of your spine.  I have read that red jasper, black tourmaline and smoky quartz are the crystals that help to balance this chakra.  Yoga is also helpful especially when done outdoors in nature.  Also, red foods like strawberries, red cabbage and red apples can be helpful and earthy foods like carrots, beets, ginger, any foods that have roots, as they energize the root chakra.

When this energy centre is blocked, people tend to get stuck and are unable to make important decisions, take action or move forward in life.  Their vibrations will be low and a lack of energy and depression, anxiety , fear, anger and frustration will likely be experienced.  Your kidneys, bladder, the vertebral column, hips, legs and lower back are areas related to this chakra.  These are the parts of your body and health that can be affected by an imbalance or closed root chakra.  Pain or ailment in these areas can be a sign that your root chakra is closed up or imbalanced.

What is your level of self-awareness, gratefulness and contentment? Balancing all your chakras is nourishing to your mind body and soul but give your root chakra some attention because you cannot elevate without a strong foundation.

peace & namaste, irie soul. Xx

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September’s Cosmic Synergy

It has been forcasted that the cosmic energy of September 2015 will be intensely profound.  There is a major shift occurring today, also coming this weekend, that may be causing yet another disturbance in the “force“.  By force I am referring to our life force energy.  Have you felt a disturbance in your force yet this week?  This month maybe even?  The weather in outer space not only influences and impacts, but guides humanity.  The frequencies emanating from the moon, the sun and the whole astrological environment, affect the frequencies and vibrations of our mind, feelings, emotions and desires.  As these frequencies are more active, we experience a heightened awareness of our minds.Continue reading

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Careful HOW You Ask For…

I am always posting on my instablog that “If you ask, you shall receive.”  that “The universe loves a believer!”  and that “Your dreams, wishes and desires are all within your grasp.”  We are told in order to manifest our desires, we have to think about them all the time and actually believe we can achieve them.  So then why doesn’t it seem to work?  Why have we not attained all of our hearts desires when we have made a conscious effort to think about these things that we want in our lives?  Why haven’t I won the lottery yet?!  Well I know why… it’s because most of us are doing it all wrong.Continue reading

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Put Your Hands Into It

I have written a couple times about the value and benefits of meditating.  Yes, maybe at one point I was a little quick to judge when painting a mental picture of people sitting around cross legged, still as statues, eyes closed, humming,  holding hand gestures.  However sitting down cross legged, with my eyes closed, holding hand gestures and connecting with my breath has helped me personally. I’ve become more calm, less reactive (most times) and less anxious about time and other things that are out of my control.  I have also written about my new found love and appreciation for group meditation and now I am going to share with you a few meditation techniques I have learned.  These are just a few tips I want to pass on to teach you how to more openly receive and focus the mind in meditation on a specific intention.Continue reading

Networked World


Do you believe in coincidences?  Have you ever experienced a meaningful coincidence where it felt like something was trying to tell you something or send you a message?  The stars aligned, you were in the right place at the right time and a spontaneous situation occurred.  This is referred to as synchronicity.  It could be thinking about someone you haven’t spoken to in a while and then bumping into them that same day.  Reminding yourself to call your friend later and then the phone rings and it’s them.  Talking about doing something and later that week an opportunity to do it presents itself.  You walk into a bookstore to find a specific book and as you’re searching for it, that same book falls off the shelf at your feet.  I remember being on the boardwalk in Venice Beach and showing my girlfriend bundles of sage and explaining why she should smudge her new apartment, only to go to a bbq that evening where they were burning sage around the bonfire and ended up smudging us!  It is the idea that there is no such thing as chance or coincidences, rather occurrences are premeditated by linked events for our past, present and future.Continue reading


The Shaman & My Shamanic Journey

The Shaman is someone who continuously comes up in my readings.  I had tried many times to find out more details online as to what the role of the Shaman is and what exactly they do but was always overwhelmed with all the information on the web.  I recently had an opportunity to attend a Shamanic work shop where I finally gained a bit of a better understanding of what these practitioners do.  Ultimately the Shaman has two capabilities; they can either restore your power and energy by performing what they referred to as a soul retrieval, or aide in removing negative energies and entities from you that are causing undue grief, sadness or depression.Continue reading


Connecting Meditation – Life Circle

I had fallen off the proverbial wagon… this time with meditation.  When I first learned about meditating and felt its benefits in my life I became obsessed and was using my meditation App almost everyday to keep my head in that space of calm.  My girlfriend and I would track our weekly activity through the app’s calendar, screen-shotting and sending each other our weeks participation.  We’d always want to make sure the majority of  the days of our week were ‘highlighted’ showing that we were building and maintaining our routine.  I was a lot calmer, less reactive, more patient, I slowed my roll and I was just generally more happy.  I say all these things in the past tense, because for the past couple months I have neglected meditation (outside of yoga class with K of course) and the bad attitude, reactiveness, and yes even the rage has crept its way back in.  Continue reading

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Crystals – Earths Healing Treasures

Like I mentioned in previous posts, Feel the Vibrations and Feng Shui, everything, is made up of energy. Our vibratoins which is also referred to as our “life force energy” can be described as our field of spiritual energy. Our thoughts, health, emotions and beliefs collectively contribute to the vibrational state of this energy field.  The way we react to different situations we face, negative experiences, thoughts or feelings can cause our vibrations to drop from high to low.  I have been doing a lot of reading up on the use of crystals and the energy and vibrations they give off to aide in raising the vibrations of our life force energy.  They same way I have mentioned that other peoples energies can rub off on and affect you, it is the same for the energies that emit from these crystals.  They also say that the energy crystals naturally give off can alleviate stress, cure disease, open up your chakras, promote focus, creativity and increase your fortune and blessings.  Fellow Breaking Bad fans may remember Hank Schrader’s obsession with them.Continue reading

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Ego Cont’d…

Hopefully you’ve read the prequel to this blog about, ‘The Ego’ and the false sense of identity it creates.  Just to reiterate, the ego relies on possessions and self-image to build up its identity.  It is responsible for peoples tendency to identify with the body and physical world more than identifying with or knowing themselves.  But like I also talked about in the post On To the Next One’, possessions and even our bodies are just material things that can only make us feel good temporarily.  Some will say because of the way our society works, looks and things get you further in life, but only for so long – that is just the top layer.  They do not make you; they will not be with you when you move on to the chapter of your journey.  The want for material possessions and the unattainable ideal self-image have been instilled in society’s subconscious to build up the ego.  It is all a huge visage to cover up and distract us from what really does matter and to leave us ignorant to the fact that we are all one with the entire universe – that spirituality lives within us all and that there is unity in all creation.Continue reading


Let It Be

You have probably heard the saying before that, “You can’t control a situation or an outcome, but you can control the way you react to it.” The way we react to situations affects our levels of stress, happiness and overall well being – sometimes more than the situation itself.  I’m not only referring to the way we might react to negative and non-desirable outcomes, but the ways we react to every experience throughout life. The process I have been learning about is non-reactivity.  This is the practice of maintaining more of a balance in emotions, rather than riding on an emotional roller coaster through life.Continue reading