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Irie (I’–ree\adj) – to be at peace with yourself and the status quo of your existence / Soul ('sōl\noun) – the spiritual part of a person that is believed to give life to the body

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Put Your Hands Into It

I have written a couple times about the value and benefits of meditating.  Yes, maybe at one point I was a little quick to judge when painting a mental picture of people sitting around cross legged, still as statues, eyes closed, humming,  holding hand gestures.  However sitting down cross legged, with my eyes closed, holding hand gestures and connecting with my breath has helped me personally. I’ve become more calm, less reactive (most times) and less anxious about time and other things that are out of my control.  I have also written about my new found love and appreciation for group meditation and now I am going to share with you a few meditation techniques I have learned.  These are just a few tips I want to pass on to teach you how to more openly receive and focus the mind in meditation on a specific intention.

While sitting down and getting into our meditation, my uber amazing meditation coach, Edgar, recommends sitting with a straight back, head up, any which way you are most relaxed.  Legs crosses, stretched out in front, or knees bent, as long as your sitting (not lying down where you may be likely to catch some ZzzZzz’s).  He encourages us to move or change positions throughout our meditation, whatever it takes to remain comfortable.  He tells us that sitting with your hands palms down are for grounding while resting with your hands palms up are for receiving.

Our super ultra amazing private yoga instructor, Karey, has taught us a few easy hand positions, referred to as hand mudras, (what I had previously referred to as ‘hand gestures‘) that can be used during meditation to help you achieve more specific results.  They say that hand mudras are used as a way to specifically circulate and activate your energy while you meditate on a specific intention.  The following mudras that she has taught us simply involve touching the tip of your thumb to any one of your fingertips while keeping your other fingers stretched out relaxed.  Each fingertip is represents a different intention.

Touch your thumb (Fire) fingertip:

chin mudra meditation

On “Sa”, touch the index (Jupiter) finger to the thumb for knowledge.  This is helpful in attaining focus and clarity.  Use this mudra if you have a pressing question you need to meditate on.  You can also use this to gain more focus or clarity in the messages you receive during meditation and it assists in grounding your root chakra.

Woman practicing Yoga outdoors...Mudra pose

On “Ta”, touch the middle (Saturn) finer to the thumb for wisdom and patience.  This is also helpful in changing negative thoughts into positive ones and attracting more positivity in your life.


On “Na”, touch the ring (Sun) finger to the thumb for vitality and manifestation.  This will activate the power of giving continuance of life, assisting you to move forward no matter what the circumstances, while helping you to concentrate on manifesting and believing in your dreams and life’s desires.


On “Ma”, touch the pinkie (Mercury) finger to the thumb for better communication.  This will help you better express yourself and allow you to receive communication in a more attentive manner.

Karey tells us to press our fingertip to the tip of the thumb lightly.  She states that after holding a mudra over a longer period of time, during your meditation it can sometimes feel as though the fingers aren’t even touching, or like the finger tips are magnetically being held together by some cosmic force.  I use these hand mudras at my group meditation classes every week and have experienced both of these sensations.  Some people hold hand mudras while in certain poses when practicing yoga.

There are hundreds of other hand mudras out there, they are used for health issues, well-being, creativity, elevation, as well as other processes.  For each facet of life there is a different mudra.  You don’t have to be meditating or practicing yoga to use a hand mudra,  you can use them anytime, anywhere you feel you need them as they influence the energies of the body.  The longer you hold the mudra the more effective.  Using both mudras and affirmations in combination with your yoga or meditation practice are very beneficial as they not only impact the energies of the body, but they can also inspire your mood and the vibrations you put out into the universe.  You can do it, put your hands into it!

peace & namaste, irie soul Xx


Networked World


Do you believe in coincidences?  Have you ever experienced a meaningful coincidence where it felt like something was trying to tell you something or send you a message?  The stars aligned, you were in the right place at the right time and a spontaneous situation occurred.  This is referred to as synchronicity.  It could be thinking about someone you haven’t spoken to in a while and then bumping into them that same day.  Reminding yourself to call your friend later and then the phone rings and it’s them.  Talking about doing something and later that week an opportunity to do it presents itself.  You walk into a bookstore to find a specific book and as you’re searching for it, that same book falls off the shelf at your feet.  I remember being on the boardwalk in Venice Beach and showing my girlfriend bundles of sage and explaining why she should smudge her new apartment, only to go to a bbq that evening where they were burning sage around the bonfire and ended up smudging us!  It is the idea that there is no such thing as chance or coincidences, rather occurrences are premeditated by linked events for our past, present and future.Continue reading


The Shaman & The Shamanic Journey

The Shaman is someone who continuously comes up in my readings.  I had tried many times to find out more details online as to what the role of the Shaman is and what exactly they do but was always overwhelmed with all the information on the web.  I recently had an opportunity to attend a Shamanic work shop where I finally gained a bit of a better understanding of what these practitioners do.  Ultimately the Shaman has two capabilities; they can either restore your power and energy by performing what they referred to as a soul retrieval, or aide in removing negative energies and entities from you that are causing undue grief, sadness or depression.Continue reading


Connecting Meditation – Life Circle

I had fallen off the proverbial wagon… this time with meditation.  When I first learned about meditating and felt its benefits in my life I became obsessed and was using my meditation App almost everyday to keep my head in that space of calm.  My girlfriend and I would track our weekly activity through the app’s calendar, screen-shotting and sending each other our weeks participation.  We’d always want to make sure the majority of  the days of our week were ‘highlighted’ showing that we were building and maintaining our routine.  I was a lot calmer, less reactive, more patient, I slowed my roll and I was just generally more happy.  I say all these things in the past tense, because for the past couple months I have neglected meditation (outside of yoga class with K of course) and the bad attitude, reactiveness, and yes even the rage has crept its way back in.  Continue reading

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Crystals – Earths Healing Treasures

Like I mentioned in previous posts, Feel the Vibrations and Feng Shui, everything, is made up of energy. Our vibratoins which is also referred to as our “life force energy” can be described as our field of spiritual energy. Our thoughts, health, emotions and beliefs collectively contribute to the vibrational state of this energy field.  The way we react to different situations we face, negative experiences, thoughts or feelings can cause our vibrations to drop from high to low.  I have been doing a lot of reading up on the use of crystals and the energy and vibrations they give off to aide in raising the vibrations of our life force energy.  They same way I have mentioned that other peoples energies can rub off on and affect you, it is the same for the energies that emit from these crystals.  They also say that the energy crystals naturally give off can alleviate stress, cure disease, open up your chakras, promote focus, creativity and increase your fortune and blessings.  Fellow Breaking Bad fans may remember Hank Schrader’s obsession with them.Continue reading

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Ego Cont’d…

Hopefully you’ve read the prequel to this blog about, ‘The Ego’ and the false sense of identity it creates.  Just to reiterate, the ego relies on possessions and self-image to build up its identity.  It is responsible for peoples tendency to identify with the body and physical world more than identifying with or knowing themselves.  But like I also talked about in the post On To the Next One’, possessions and even our bodies are just material things that can only make us feel good temporarily.  Some will say because of the way our society works, looks and things get you further in life, but only for so long – that is just the top layer.  They do not make you; they will not be with you when you move on to the chapter of your journey.  The want for material possessions and the unattainable ideal self-image have been instilled in society’s subconscious to build up the ego.  It is all a huge visage to cover up and distract us from what really does matter and to leave us ignorant to the fact that we are all one with the entire universe – that spirituality lives within us all and that there is unity in all creation.Continue reading


Let It Be

You have probably heard the saying before that, “You can’t control a situation or an outcome, but you can control the way you react to it.” The way we react to situations affects our levels of stress, happiness and overall well being – sometimes more than the situation itself.  I’m not only referring to the way we might react to negative and non-desirable outcomes, but the ways we react to every experience throughout life. The process I have been learning about is non-reactivity.  This is the practice of maintaining more of a balance in emotions, rather than riding on an emotional roller coaster through life.Continue reading

ego concept,


The ego, it is what is responsible for giving us a false sense of identity.  People have a tendency to identify with the body and physical world more than identifying with or knowing themselves.  A conscious awakening and sense of enlightenment occurs when you attain the self-realization that you are not your body, your mind or even your personality.  I’ve read an explanation that reveals our body, mind and personality are our possessions; they are not what make us.  We are not a teacher, a CEO, a dancer or a bartender, those are just the things we do. Continue reading


Step Up To The Mic – Positive Affirmations

An affirmation is an assertion that something exists or is true.  It is a statement or proposition of self-empowerment, declared to be accurate.  I’ve learned that positive affirmations are a wonderful way to develop a confident and more constructive way of thinking. We do this by composing personalized positive statements which facilitate in achieving our intentions or goals.  Remember “The Little Engine That Could”? His affirmation was simply “I think I can! I think I can!” And he could.  He did. Like The Little Engine That Could, we repeat these statements out loud with confidence as a way to not only convince ourselves they are true but to ingrain them in our subconscious.Continue reading


Moment of Clarity

Sometimes we have to make decisions and either follow our heart or listen to that voice in our head.  Before I continue I want to make clear I’m not talking about matters of the heart, love or relationships, rather situations that we face.  Sometimes our heart knows whats best for our soul and sometimes we are able to see more clearly when we think it through in our minds.  Our initial gut instinct will tell us one thing, but then we really start to think about it we want to do something else. It all comes down to reactivity.  Sometimes it will result in a compromise between what your head and soul are telling you to do, something I experienced this past week. Continue reading