Irie Soul

Irie (I’–ree\adj) – to be at peace with yourself and the status quo of your existence / Soul ('sōl\noun) – the spiritual part of a person that is believed to give life to the body

Meditate… Just Do It!!

Meditate - written in the sandMeditating regularly has really begun to impact my life.  I know how that’s going to sound to most people – meditation….. riiiight (insert winky emoticon).  Believe me, I was never one to even think of meditation, let alone practise it on the regular.  I would get images of monks wearing burgundy robes, sitting cross legged, arms out to the side, palms up, pointer finger to thumb, humming – with their eyes closed.  Definitely not something for me and who has time for that anyways?  Well my now husband found time, and he was the first to introduce me to it.  After he was inspired by an article to take a 30 day hiatus from all social media, he needed something else to occupy his time.  The article mentioned meditation so he researched the perfect app to help him get started, and we’re so glad he did.  Like I said before; and you will probably continue to hear me say, I was never a calm person, this new app my hubby found is actually called “Calm”.  He tried it out and immediately came to me saying, “Babe this app was made for you!”  After the first time I tried it I was hooked!  After no time at all the free version of Calm was not enough, so I bit the $4.99 bullet and paid for the upgrade which gives you access to all different meditation programs.

Another major influence that grew my love for meditation came through my yoga instructor, Karey.  Karey begins each class with an internal focus meditation focusing on breathing, which helps turn off the millions of thoughts running through my mind.  She ends each class with positive affirmation meditations which send you home on a really high note.  Most of what she speaks about during these meditation periods before and after our, “strength and length” yoga practise resonates with me in my day to day.  It’s taught me patience, to think before reacting and how to let go of the little things that used to affect me so much I’d let them ruin my whole day.

So when I say that meditating is really impacting my life, I mean it’s changing my not so great a.k.a. bad attitude, my anxiety, my ability to process other peoples negative behaviors and my anger – which those who know me best refer to as my rage.  I wish I could, but I know I cannot blame the rage on my Graves disease (which is known to cause states of “graves rage” for those who live with it).  But add in the effects of Graves which include a hyper-active thyroid, a constant speedy heart rate, all of a sudden anxiety attacks, hot flashes, etc, to someone who already has anger issues, and those anger issues can get worse.  I’m not saying I never get mad anymore, and that things don’t bother me, but I am able to take a deep breath a step back and look at the situation in a different way.  Maybe not always right away, but the anger and periods of anxiety shorten and I’m able to gain new perspective once I take a breath and think about it.

Meditation is also teaching me how to shut off my mind.  How to turn off the noise and just focus on being.  Being calm and peaceful.  It’s like I’m internalizing my mind, I’m in my own little bubble and reaching a different state of consciousness.   For a few minutes, without having to actually go on a vacation, I feel hakuna-matata – just no worries.  The affirmations from the app help me cultivate constructive thoughts that stay with me throughout the day, and more importantly come to me when I’m experiencing a difficult time, like in times of anxiety.

I would definitely recommend meditation to everyone.  I am by no means a pro at it, I still need the guided help from my Calm app.  And for anyone this post may have interested, I’ll briefly explain how the app works. (I wish I had shares in this app! I’ve already got 3 of my friends on it!)  First off, the great thing about the app is like I mentioned before, the meditations are guided; meaning all you have to do to meditate, is listen the voice coming out of your phone.  Also, there’s no need to feel pressure for making time to try it out.  The app has two, five and ten minute options for each session.  Two minutes is nothing in terms of finding the time, but those two minutes will make a positive difference in your day.  Before you get started with your meditation, you select a background scene, mine is almost always set to a beach scene, the sound of waves crashing on the beach is my happy place.  That’s really all the work you have to do before you begin, choose your happy place and then just lay or sit there and listen.  If you really like it, then you’ll have one more step, choose your program.  There are a wide range, from anxiety release, positivity, motivation, creativity, focus and so many more.

I truly believe if everyone made time to meditate regularly the world would be a happier place because people would be happier.  Maybe I’m wrong and meditating isn’t for everyone, but I know 100% that it’s been amazing for me!  If you are so inclined to try this app please leave a comment below after you have and let me know what you think!




Hello world!

Wow my first post!! Been months in the waiting… but months are better than years though right? In 2014 I felt like I “woke up”. I feel like I had been enlightened, with a new sense of what I now know is referred to as an awakened consciousness. It was like I became aware that the path I was travelling on needed a change in direction, like I could be a better person.  The more I dove into it, I realized I could become a better version of myself and that transformation had already begun without me even realizing it.

There is no significant incident or situation that I can attribute to this awakening, but I can say my new hobbies; yoga and meditation – yes meditation, helped opened my eyes.  I was able to really hear and see myself, from the inside and boy did I hear myself – a kicking, screaming, angry, anxious, maniac ready to erupt for any reason.  I didn’t start yoga in hopes of “finding myself” or making a major change in my life, it was really just to get myself exercising again. After some health issues took me out of the gym and away from my personal trainer for months, I just wanted to do something to feel active again.

I have never been what you would call a calm person, the exact opposite actually (as per the angry, anxious maniac mentioned above), but this awakening brought a sense of calm, positivity and understanding to my life.  Being the Virgo-Leo cusp that I am, I submerged myself with as much information Google could provide on what this all means and what it is I should do with it.  I barely skimmed the surface of all the teachings and practices out there that assist you in reaching a full sense of enlightenment, but that is what I plan to do within this blog.  They say if you tell yourself you are going to do something, there’s a small percentage you will actually do it.  If you write down that thing you want to do, that percentage increases.  But when you tell someone what you plan to do, the chances are much higher that you will follow through because now you can be held accountable.  So here I am writing it all down and broadcasting it, putting it out there, so that I stick to my plan to continue on this spiritual journey and practise the teachings I find, the ones that speak to me, along the way.

A lot of what I have already come across, I feel is not only relevant to me, but applies to a lot of my friends. I have always been one of those people that others naturally come to with their problems, whether for advice or just a ear (although whether they ask for it or not they always get some advice). This is another reason why I decided to document my research, so that I may inspire others, or at the very least provide some light entertainment as travel on my “new age” journey.  I will leave you with the following mantra from the Dalai Lama…


I read this during the tenacious effects of the Full Moon in the first few days of 2015 “where the energy of Cancer (our caretaker within) and Capricorn (our ambitious side) had come out in full swing”.

These beautiful words gave me that little extra push to start this little project of mine!