Irie Soul

Irie (I’–ree\adj) – to be at peace with yourself and the status quo of your existence / Soul ('sōl\noun) – the spiritual part of a person that is believed to give life to the body


Breathe Right

Breathing.  We do it all the time without even thinking about it. It is a physiological process, something we were born doing in fact we’re doing right now; but this is not what I am referring to when I mention the breath. In our normal day to day we are taking shallow breaths, and shallow breathing isn’t the kind of breathing that contribute to feeding our soul. What I’m talking about and what I have learned to practice is how to breathe consciously. This is another thing my amazing yoga instructor was the first to introduce me to.  K tells us during our meditations that, “Without food, our body would last maybe weeks.  Without water we might last days, but without breath, we would only survive seconds” (maybe a couple minutes if you’re good). During our meditation sessions we aren’t just breathing as a basic survival instinct, what we do is we take slow and deep conscious breaths. A conscious breath is one you are aware of, that you pay actual attention to and that brings you into the present moment. K forces us to focus on where in our body we’re breathing to, as we pay attention to and follow how deep that breath is reaching within us.  She asks us to focus on the pace we are breathing and to concentrate on slowing that pace right down, even counting each breath, inhaling for 1-2-3-4 seconds and exhaling for 1-2-3-4 seconds.

Conscious breathing is helping me in so many ways. When I meditate, focusing on how I’m breathing really gives me something to concentrate on. Following each breath on its journey through my body brings my attention inward and away from than the millions of thoughts running through my mind. It makes me more aware of myself, my mind and body in the present moment. Deep breathing is also known to relieve pain, which is why we exercise our breathing before we begin practicing yoga. We use our deep breathes to go deeper with our stretches.  It allows me to push myself in each yoga stretch to dig deeper, as I exhale all the tension out of my body. I also use deep breaths to help calm me down when I feel like I’m ready to erupt. By bringing my attention to my breathing and actually counting my breaths, I distract myself from whatever is irritating me. Taking this moment to slow down my breathing makes me less reactive, as it brings down what can be an all of a sudden pounding speeding heart rate. It halts my emotions from taking over and making me do and or say something I will regret. Sometimes it gives me that just let it go moment. This practice is helping to strengthen my relationships with others, making me a little less likely to antagonize those close to me by taking this breath before I think to speak – practice makes perfect right?

There are also some health benefits involved with breathing consciously. When we breathe deep into our lungs we increase blood flow which in turn increases energy and stamina. More oxygen reaches the digestive organs, helping them work more efficiently. When we breathe deeper into our organs our heart doesn’t have to work as hard to get oxygen to these tissues. Deep breathing also helps to correct bad posture, go ahead and try taking a few slow deep breathes right now and see how your upper body and spine will naturally straighten out and you will sit taller.

When we sit up back straight, keep our head up, open those airways and take even just a minute to take a few deep, slow, conscious breaths, it is considered meditating – even if it’s just for a minute. That is one minute we are taking for ourselves, a break from the outside, spending a moment within, with yourself.  Conscious breathing also helps to raise our vibrations which also makes us feel good all around.

Try it out – inhale the positive and exhale the negative, and for the love of your lungs, your body and your soul, do not smoke cigarettes. There is nothing positive about inhaling all those poisons and toxins into your body. Any momentary satisfaction smoking cigarettes provides can not compare to living a long full and healthy life. Not to mention it’s nasty gross… Sorry not sorry to all the smokers out there, anyone who knows me, knew that plug-in was coming!

peace & breathe. Xx


green sky

Rock Steady

Last night I was intrigued by a friends post asking “Anyone else feel a disturbance in the force?” and read all the comments with explanations for it.  After relating what I saw to all the feelings and emotions I had been experiencing  for the past week, obviously I was drawn in and instead of going to bed spent a good part of the night reading up on it.  I was amazed at all in information I saw explaining why I’ve been feeling this way; why at the end of last week I wasn’t feeling grounded AT ALL and why I was actually going a little out of my mind. Have you yourself felt anything different this past week? I was having a really hard time, letting it go, and was letting negativity and my emotions have power over my actions and reactions. Well now I know from the explanations in those comments that there is a reason for my change in mood and vibrations. And yes, all these ‘explanations’ I read up on and am posting, I have verified. There are four major astronomical events occurring causing changes in the frequencies in our vibrations and affecting our consciousness.

First of we are coming into a super-charged new moon, there is going to be a full solar eclipse, and we’re approaching the day of the spring equinox is… actually all of this is happening, tomorrow, March 20th. Leading up to all of this there have been major solar flares going on in our atmosphere creating magnificent auroras in the sky, similar to the feature photo above of the celestial green sky. Like I mention in my post about the lunar effect we know from astrology that all these objects, the stars, the moon, planets and satellite bodies emanate subtle vibrations that effect our vibrations which then effect our consciousness.

Because the Sun is so important to life on Earth, the obstruction of a solar eclipse can shift and lower our collective vibrations throughout the planet making us more conducive to negative energies and lower vibrations. I feel this explains the way I was reacting to some situations recently. Also, not only does the vernal equinox mark the beginning of spring, which is a time of reawakening with the blossoming of spring flowers and the leaves beginning to bud on the trees, but it also where the astrological cycle ends with Pisces and begins again with the first sign of the zodiac Aries. Combined with the new moon one positive effect of all of these events is that it creates the perfect timing to make those changes to better ourselves and our lives. Through all the disruptions in our vibrations, all the energy from these events will guide us in the direction of transformation.

With all these events taking place at the same time, it’s no wonder some of us may feel like our vibrations have dipped low.  The frequencies emanating from the moon, the sun and the whole astrological environment, affect the frequencies of our mind, feelings, emotions and desires.  As these frequencies are more active, we experience a heightened awareness of our minds.

The way you can deal with these feelings and emotions will depend on how you react to them. Just knowing these events are going on around us is half the battle to not letting them bring us down. Now you’re aware of where these negative feelings and low vibrations are coming from and you know that you will not feel this way forever, just think of this as just another fleeting moment in time – even if it is a difficult one.  We just have to get over the hump of this weekend, and focus on being positive and take a little more time to meditate and calm our minds.  Even just a few deep breaths when you feel your emotions surfacing can help bring them back down. Try not to focus on the negative even though those negative thoughts are going to seem like their popping into your mind on overdrive. When they do try to refocus your thoughts on life’s blessings. Think about your children and what a little miracle they are, think about your health and your body, if your struggling with that then think about the people you love and who love and support you though difficult times. There’s always something to be grateful for and most of the time we take these things for granted until they are lost from us or slipping from our grasp. Don’t wait for a moment like that, be grateful now for what we have now while we can really appreciate it. Even if you can’t control your mind from spinning or your emotions from boiling over then at least know you’re not alone! There are so many people feeling these effects, just remember this too shall pass and please don’t beat yourself up succumbing to any negativity because there are so many forces working against us! Remember these conditions that we are affected by are merely reflections of the wider energetic patterns in our surroundings. Just blame it on the at-at-at-at-atmosphere!

Continue reading below for deeper explanation of the four astrological events I mentioned above.

peace & love. irie soul Xx


First off, we are coming up on a new moon, but it’s not just the lunar effect causing changes in our vibrations (if your haven’t already check out my post ‘the lunar effect’ and ‘feel the vibrations’). On the same day we transition into a super -charged new moon tomorrow, March 20th, we will also be experiencing a full solar eclipse. This is the second major event causing a shift in our vibrations. A solar eclipse is an astronomical event that occurs when one object in the sky moves into the shadow of another and tomorrow, the new moon will pass between the Sun and Earth, causing the new moon to fully block the Sun. This photo shows how we would see the sun during a solar eclipse.

solar ecp

The third event causing a shift in our vibrations is this weekend also marks the vernal equinox. An equinox occurs twice a year. On the day of the equinox which will also lands tomorrow, the period of daytime and nighttime are approximately equal. On any normal day of the year, the Earth’s axis tilts a little away from or towards the Sun, but on the equinox days the Earth doesn’t tilt, rather is perpendicular to the Sun’s rays resulting in this even distribution of daytime and nighttime. Between the spring (vernal) and autumn (autumnal) equinoxes the Northern hemisphere tilts toward the sun resulting in longer days and stronger sunlight of summer, the southern hemisphere is tilted away resulting in their winter. With the Earth shifting its tilt, how can we expect not to feel a tilt in our own energy patterns?

Leading up to all this there have been major solar flares going on in the atmosphere and this is the fourth event affecting our vibrations and consciousness. A solar flare occurs when magnetic energy that has built up in the solar atmosphere is suddenly released causing rapid, and intense variations in brightness seen on the Sun. This has created dazzling auroras worldwide in the night skies. An aurora is a natural light display in the sky.  Auroras are caused by charged particles, mainly electrons and protons, entering the atmosphere from above, like from a solar flare, causing ionization and excitation of atmospheric constituents, and consequent optical emissions. These optical emissions are like the magnificent Northern Lights but intensified. These pictures are from this months solar flares and the auroras that were observed in the sky just yesterday (unfortunately nothing I would be able to witness living within all the city lights).

solar flarre march 15     solar flarer march 15.2

 auroras march 2015




Irie Soul Time

People have asked me what made me start this blog and what motivates me to keep it going.  I know I have mentioned an awaken consciousness and glimpse into enlightenment – but unless you have experienced these feelings for yourself, it’s not that much of an explanation, so here I go.  It’s not that I feel the need to explain myself per say, but I do what to throw it out there why I’m doing what I’m doing for those who are curious. Simply put, I’m doing this because I genuinely enjoy it and I truly feel writing this blog is worth my time.  I have always been that of an extrovert, being a Leo/Virgo cuspie I would say it’s one of my more prominent Virgo traits, so putting it all out there is nothing new to me.  I have come to the realization that time is so precious and not to be wasted. I feel like I have taken this step in a new direction and re-channeled my energy into a very positive outlet. I want to reach a place where I feel at peace with myself and eliminate and let go of negative energies and practices from my life. I want to unlearn harmful practices and thought patterns and encourage others to do the same. I will use this blog as a place for to nurture my spiritual growth. I just want to continue to feed my soul, raise my vibrations and stop checking for people who don’t check for me.

Another thing I enjoy about blogging is the learning aspect from reading up on all the things I blog about. I am still fairly new to this conscious world of enlightenment and this blog encourages me to continue on this path of learning and growing as a spiritual being. One topic will lead to another and my curiosity grows and grows, while I soak up all this new information like a sponge.  Most, if not all of the teachings I come across are nothing new. These are traditions that have been practiced for centuries by indigenous peoples across many different nations.  From the Amazonian and Aboriginal Native American tribes, pre-sectarian Buddhism and early Hinduism to the ancient Mayans, I have come across so many teachings of peace and humility.  The more I learn the more I am enticed to share because I feel like we can all benefit from these teachings of spirituality and investing time into ourselves.

That is another huge thing this blog has done for me.  It has given me a lot of time to reflect and really get to know myself. With my new found sense of letting them go, and not using up all my energy worrying about them, I now put that energy and focus onto myself.  I have given myself the time and opportunity to get out there and do the things I’ve always wanted to do but put off.  I am in no means any Picasso, but art and painting was an outlet for me throughout my adolescent and early twenty years.  I took elective classes right up into university and hadn’t picked up a canvas or paint brush since, until a couple weeks ago.  It was almost meditative and I definitely left that class with higher vibrations. Yesterday I completed my first aerial silks class – and I LOVED it!  I always thought it was so beautiful and artistic and something I could do, but never took the time to look into actually trying it out until now.  It is not as easy as they make it look, I had some challenges flipping upside down but I am determined to stick with it and get stronger and better at it. I am also more dedicated than ever to practicing Yoga.  My weekly yoga classes are the most important hours in my week. No matter what else is going on that is My Time to be at peace and go within.


I always strive to inspire others and I guess that’s another thing I try to do by documenting my spiritual journey in this blog. Also, in every new activity I partake in I ask my friends to join.  When I signed up for paint night I signed up with 8 friends. When I went to my aerial silks class I brought along a first time partner. I have a list of things that I want to participate in or at least just try once before the year is up and it feels so good to actually go out and check the items off my list. You don’t need to be dying to make and work off a bucket list! If you are breathing and able bodied there’s no better time than now to get out and do things that will make you happy and make your life richer.

Pause for a moment, and take a slow deep breath with me right now, …i-n-h-a-l-e-2-3-4… and e-x-h-a-l-e-2-3-4….. That breath we just took, that moment in time, we will never get it back. Time is fleeting and we should use the time we have doing things that make us HAPPY. There are too many people idling, just letting time pass them by while they do absolutely nothing to feed their soul or improve or advance themselves in life. If you’re idling you’re missing out on opportunities that will make you happy. This is your life and your time so make the most of it while you can because things like life can change in an instant. And if you’ve just read this post THANK YOU for giving me your time and allowing me to inspire you!


peace & love. irie soul Xx


Feel The Vibrations

Your vibrations can be described as your field of spiritual energy. Our thoughts, health, emotions and beliefs collectively contribute to the vibrational state of this energy field.  I think of vibrations as frequencies we emit to the outside world from within.  I also think of them as the language of the soul. These vibrations are measured as being either high or low.

Those who have experienced an awakened consciousness and sense of enlightenment tend to have higher vibrations.  Their process of thinking, awareness, sense of compassion and ability to see the world from a different angle increase these frequencies.  It’s like they see the world for all its potential and its endless possibilities.  But not only those with this sense of awareness emit these vibrations, we all do. You could say our attitudes directly affect our vibration levels.  If you have a positive attitude you will attract positive energy.  Positive energy is emotional freedom that leaves you feeling calm and lighter and creates a higher vibration.  Negative energy is an emotional burden that makes you feel trapped and heavy therefore creating a lower vibration.  Energy attracts more energy of the same.  If you vibrations are low on your spiritual plane you will attract the same kind of negative energy on your physical plane causing a sense of bad luck in everything you do.

When you feel the vibes emanating from other people, you are tapping into their energy field – their vibrations.  People’s energy and the vibes we all give off are some of the things I mentioned in my post about smudging.  Now I know their energy, vibes, that sense we feel when we’re around them, are all part of their vibrations. Some people even refer to it as our energy-life-force, or the light-of-the-body, I think of it as frequencies and the language of the soul, whatever you call it it’s all the same idea.  I’ve read that if you have an immense liking for another person, it means your vibrations are in tune with or attracted to theirs.  Friendships are said to be united between people with similar vibrations.  On the flip side, ever feel like you know someone who just seems to suck the life outta you? Or is there someone, who when your around, makes your energy change or feel off?  Well these are most likely people with low vibrations and they can and Will affect your own. This is why you should use caution with who you spend the majority of your time with because like I mentioned, lower vibrations lead to negative energy and negative outcomes in your life.  I’m not saying to stay away from or avoid all people with a lower vibration altogether, but be aware of how what you surround yourself with can affect you. When I’m around these individuals just being aware of their energy help me avoid absorbing their negative effects and when around them, I consciously do and say little things to try and raise their vibrations. Your vibrations are always changing and are something we constantly need to work on much like our lives. The things that happen to us and way we react to the situations we face can cause our vibrations to change from high to low and vice versa.  It all depends on how we react to these crisis or confrontations.  I’ve also read that a person who is blind and deaf will easily be able to distinguish one individual from someone they are familiar with because they can better sense people’s vibrations and no two persons vibrations are the same.

There are many ways you can raise your vibrations.  One way you can raise them by maintaining balance in your Chakras.  This can be done by meditating, practicing yoga, by attracting positive energy through energy crystals, smudging your space to clear out negative or stagnant energies, and more.  (If you haven’t already, check out my post on smudging titled “Smoke It Out”)  Simple everyday things like smiling and having a good laugh can also raise your vibrations, as well as doing things that make you happy, things you genuinely enjoy and getting your creative juices flowing.   Also like I said before by aligning your attitude; being genuinely grateful, practicing compassion, having self-acceptance and inner peace as well as the capacity to offer forgiveness and let things go will raise your vibrations too.

So why raise your vibrations?  Because when you have a higher vibration you are more connected, at peace, in touch and happier.  Who wants to feel the alternative; sad, bitter, pessimistic or depressed? When I say to be connected, at peace and in touch, I mean within our self and within our own lives – feeling like our life has real meaning or purpose. Also, when you practice raising your vibration you also invite the positive and prosperous laws of attraction into your life.  With higher vibrations you can even quite possibly be playing a part in making the world overall a better place.

Even in the mist of all the worlds conflict and despair, those I mentioned earlier, who possess a sense of consciousness and enlightenment, believe one day the world Will become a better place. There will be less poverty and division, there is hope to save the planet from pollution, the animal kingdom form extinction and one day we will all get along regardless of race or religion.  There are many who believe that all that is impossible to attain, because things just are the way they are.  But then there are those of us who believe that we can make a difference and make a shift in the way things are, by elevating our vibrations and the vibrations of those around us.  That if we can raise the vibrations and level of overall consciousness of the world slowly but surely these things will change for the better.  What is really important will become apparent, our COMPASSION, ACCEPTANCE and ability to LOVE and FORGIVE will outweigh any sense of Greed, Cruelty, Entitlement, Envy and Hatred.  LOVE is the answer.

peace & love. irie soul Xx

Watch this video and hear the perspective of someone (Prince Ea) with these same conscious thoughts and explaination of why this world needs to end and transform into a new beginning. Be enlightened.


Freedom, peace and spirituality


Not too long ago I made a post about letting go. Letting go of difficult experiences from the past, letting go of lingering animosity towards those close to us and letting go of any anger we may feel in the heat of the moment. For some of us, letting go may not refer to a past experience, there may not be a current altercation that needs mending and we may not have crossed paths with that negative angry stranger. Letting go for some of us will refer to letting go of someone. Some of us are holding on to people in our lives, who are no longer are meant to be part of our journey. People grow and people change and sometimes holding on to people that we should let go of, only brings us harm. There’s also the type of people that a lot of us hold onto in our lives when we shouldn’t and those are the type of people who are bad for us. We hold onto people for the amazing memories we share from the past and because of the love we still have for them. Sometimes we even hold on because we are afraid to be alone. When we’re not ready it can be painful, but it’s best to just let go of them – even if they will always hold a piece of real estate in our heart.

Close-up of sand heart in man's hands

My advice and something I’m learning to do and am finding is giving me peace is to STOP trying to figure them out.  When I refer to “them” I’m referring to that guy/girl you’re seeing, dating (or whatever your calling it), that buddy, “best friend”, family member, or your significant other, (I’ve opted to leave spouses out of this because as a married woman who knows, lets be real, when we choose to marry someone, their problems are our problems as they directly will affect your life and vice versa with our problems).   When I say stop trying to figure them out, I’m referring to racking your brain over the millions of reasons that are actually telling you why you should really be just letting them go. Maybe they’ve gone MIA, they’re self-destructing, they’re so obviously making another huge mistake but they’ve double duck taped and crazy glued their blinders on. Maybe they’re leading you on then cutting you off, or it seems like suddenly they have no time for you anymore.  Well it’s time to stop racking your brain trying to figure them out or figure out why they are so willingly following down that path of doom and destruction – because you never will. Stop trying to fix them because they don’t want your help, and if they do, they will ask for it – and then usually won’t take your advice anyways.  And for the love of your soul, please stop taking it personal.  Stop trying to figure out what you did wrong, because you didn’t do anything.  The truth is it has nothing to do with you. If there is someone who has decided to cut you off and out of their life for naive reasons there’s no use dwelling on it, it’s their loss and it’s better look at it as an opportunity; more time available to work on yourself. I’ve learned I can’ be upset when someone seems to be distancing from me because I can’t depend on anyone’s presence in my life for happiness.

Sometimes, over time and as we grow some of these people we’re holding on to are just not good for us. They are no good for use because maybe they enable us, they hold us back, or are straight up abusive to our soul – just let them go. It can be especially difficult when you see someone you care about putting all their energy into these types of people that you just know are no good for them – just let it go. I have always been that friend that my closest know they can always count on.  Long-time and new friends alike have always gravitated towards me spilling their beans and asking for my opinion or advice.  I’ve always encouraged it and always been happy to help, and I still am, but I think overtime I have conditioned myself to take on that role pre-emptively.  When I noticed a situation was not right or something was bothering someone close to me, it would really affect me personally and consume my mind.  I would find myself spending more and more time thinking and worrying about my friends and family and trying to find ways to solve their problems and help them.  I would also take it personal when they would not take the advice they asked for (I would refer to these types as “askholes”), or if they suddenly seemed to disappear; probably once they’ve heard how I really feel about their situation.  Maybe it’s the Virgo part of me that can’t help but over analyze everything and try to solve every puzzle, or maybe it’s because of that BFF of six years I had that one day “broke up” with me over e-mail for no real reason at all… and it left a little scar and a fear of history repeating itself.  But my spiritual awakening has helped me to realize that I need to turn these tendencies to want to fix everybody off, leave people to their own devices and to just let go of those feelings.


Now with my ability to see things in a new light, I’ve realized that none of it has to do with me personally at all.  We each live very different lives, are all facing some struggle, are just trying to get by and figure out where our journey will take us; and we all deal with these things in our own way.  It might sound strange but my advice, speaking from personal experience with this issue, is to try and be more selfish.  By selfish I mean self-interested, self-serving and self-seeking, like them.  There is nothing wrong with being selfish in this way. Once I woke up and found myself on this spiritual path this became crystal clear to me. My focus shifted more onto bettering myself, My well-being, raising my vibrations, making myself happy and working towards where I wanted to see myself in the future.  It’s not that I don’t care about my friends and family who may be exorbitantly idling or heading in a bad direction, but I know now that it really isn’t my problem or my job to pick up the pieces for them.  We have to let go and allow them to make their mistakes because we all learn and grow from our experiences, (some of us even have to learn the same lesson a few times). And crazy as it sounds, for some people as much as it may seem they want out of their current situation, for them, it’s the only way they know and they subconsciously seek to maintain their status quo.

Letting go doesn’t have to mean giving up on someone and it definitely does not mean move on with any bitterness or resentment, it is just an understanding that people, situations and relationships change. Distance doesn’t mean the end and if someone is meant to be a part of our journey we will find our way back together again. It’s also accepting that some people were meant to be part of our journey for a time and once that time has passed it is okay to go our separate ways. We acknowledge the purpose they served has been fulfilled and we should be grateful for the time together and memories shared.

For those who are truly gone, have passed on, letting go can be very difficult. It’s not about forgetting about them, replacing them, or trying not to think about them, rather it’s accepting that they are no longer physically in our presence but their presence will forever live on in our hearts. Acceptance and making peace with that acceptance is what will help you heal and let go of the pain and feeling of loss. If this is they type of letting go you are struggling with, you should read the story in my last post “On to the next one..” if you haven’t already. Take comfort in the idea that those who die, only experience the end of this chapter in their journey. That their physical body has expired but their soul transcends and continues on their path.

So stop focusing on them and shift your attention on You. Think of ways to make your situation better, think about your goals and dreams and begin working towards them by taking that first little step in a new direction.  An affirmation I repeat to myself during meditation when my old tendencies try to resurface is “I will allow myself to be free and let others be free.” Try it out, free yourself, take all that energy and put it into making your life better. With my new found sense of letting them go and using the extra time and energy for myself, I have given myself the time and opportunity to get out there and do the things I’ve always wanted to do but put off. I’ve sign up for a painting class, an aerial silks class, I’m sticking to yoga every week, and I am looking for a karate class to sign up for next! What are you going to do with all the time you make for yourself by letting them go?

peace & release. irie soul Xx

abstract orange painted picture with circle pattern, mandala of

On To The Next…


In a mother’s womb were two babies.  One asked the other: “Do you believe in life after delivery?” The other replied, “Why, of course.  There has to be something after delivery.  Maybe we are here to prepare ourselves for what we will be later.” “Nonsense” said the first.  “There is no life after delivery.  What kind of life would that be?”

The second said, “I don’t know, but there will be more light than here.  Maybe we will walk with our legs and eat from our mouths.  Maybe we will have other senses that we can’t understand now.”

The first replied, “That is absurd.  Walking is impossible.  And eating with our mouths?  Ridiculous! The umbilical cord supplies nutrition and everything we need.  But the umbilical cord is so short.  Life after delivery is to be logically excluded.”

The second insisted, “Well I think there is something and maybe it’s different than it is here.  Maybe we won’t need this physical cord anymore.”

The first replied, “Nonsense.  And moreover if there is life, then why has no one ever come back from there?  Delivery is the end of life, and in the after-delivery there is nothing but darkness and silence and oblivion.  It takes us nowhere.”

“Well, I don’t know,” said the second, “but certainly we will meet Mother and she will take care of us.”

The first replied “Mother?  You actually believe in Mother?  That’s laughable.  If Mother exists then where is She now?”

The second said, “She is all around us.  We are surrounded by Her.  We are of Her.  It is in Her that we live.  Without Her this world would not and could not exist.”

Said the first: “Well I don’t see Her, so it is only logical that She doesn’t exist.”

To which the second replied, “Sometimes, when you’re in silence and you focus and you really listen, you can perceive Her presence, and you can hear Her loving voice, calling down from above.”

Utmutato a Leleknek

Translated from Hungarian

This excerpt, which I am #reposting from my very spiritual friend, really touched me– To The Core.  They say a person who possesses a higher level of consciousness and enlightenment has no fear of death.  For them it is actually the opposite where death is believed to be a rebirth, a new beginning or even the next chapter.  I have defined the Spirit as ‘the spiritual part of a person that gives life to the body’.  When you think of it in these ways, it has the same context as that of a snake, when we die, we shed our physical bodies but our spirit transcends.  This happens to a snake when they outgrow their body, similarly we can say the same for the soul.

They say the idea of life and death being the be-all, end-all, happens for those who identify themselves with the body, more than identifying with or knowing Yourself.   If you are too identified with the body, the idea of the body ceasing to exist and separating from the material world makes death seem like – The End. Like the baby in the story who was so attached to being with the umbilical cord.  If you are not so identified with the body and you know yourself as the witnessing soul and as the consciousness, then there is no death.  I ‘m not going to pretend to have attained this heightened sense of consciousness and enlightenment, as the thought of my death rattles me.  But this piece really makes me think about the possibility of there being a next chapter, just like we know there was for those twin babies.  If your dealing with an illness of your own or of a loved one, or have recently lost someone dear to you, re-read the piece above and find comfort in the possibility that there is another chapter.  There is a possibility that the soul does move onto the next one.  The next stage of our conscious existence.

I’m going to take this one step further and ask you to think about this:

If we shed our bodies when we die, and our soul lives on, do we really need all these plastic surgeries and all these fancy name brand clothes and accessories?  None of that material stuff comes with us, all there is, is Us.  Your body is a manifestation, used for experiencing the material world by the spirit-soul and and all the material things are just a temporary part of our existence.  I know these things temporarily make us feel good, but that’ about it.  All of these things are just part of what make up our EGO and the image we have or want for ourselves.

Will your “friends” recognize You without all those material things?  In the next chapter will you be perceived just as beautiful based only on your life actions and the spirit of your soul?  Something to think about..  I’m not saying it is right or wrong to have nice things or to just really like your stuff, this is your journey and you can do with it what you like and what makes you feel good.  But remember that none of these things can move on to the next chapter with you – with your consciousness; so what will you have to make you feel good then?  Just Yourself…. and maybe the beautiful Elephly’s that exist in the next one.


peace & reflect. irie soul Xx

Chinese calligraphy: Good luck, word mean good bless for "year o

Feng Shui

Gung Hay Fat Choi!!  In celebration and recognition of Chinese New Year I started this post on the ancient Chinese practice of Feng Shui.  I have heard the term feng shui before and but all I knew about it was that it brought a sense of calm and good luck.  I wasn’t sure exactly how. Exactly what is it?  How can I apply it to my life?  A little extra good luck can only help me on my journey!  Feng Shui (pronounced ‘fung shway’) dates back over 4000 years.  This ancient Chinese practice revolves around the idea that everything possesses a life force of energy called “chi”.  It is believed, not only does “chi” flow through our bodies, but also flows through our living environment.  In English the tern Feng Shui translates into “wind water”, the two natural elements that flow, move and circulate everywhere, and the two most basic elements of human survival.  It is referred to as the art of placement; a process involving spatial arrangement and orientation.  The idea is that your physical space should be arranged in a way for chi to flow gently in harmony creating a space that feels good and brings you good luck.  Chinese culture is known to be very superstitious.  Good chi supports our wishes for good luck, good health, harmonious relationships and prosperity. Unbalanced chi may lead to ill health, domestic conflict or financial concerns.  The most basic principal of creating a space with good chi is to keep your space neat and clean.  I know when my condo’s a mess it gives me anxiety… especially when someone comes by and I didn’t get the chance to clean or at least hide the mess.  To have a complete sense of fung shui you must not only maintain a clean space, you need to map your space out.

Feng shui specialists developed the bagua, a tool which aides in mapping out areas in your home that are connected to specific areas of your life.  Bagua translated from Chinese means “8 areas”.  The home is made up of eight main areas of energy that are connected to your life: Helpful people/travel, Career/Life Mission, Knowledge/Spiritual growth, Health/Family, Money/Prosperity, Fame/Social Life, Love and marriage, and Creativity/Children.  To define the traditional feng shui bagua of your space you first need to take a compass reading of your space precisely mapping out which areas fall inside the coordinates of North, North-East, East, South-East, South, South-West, and West.  Once you have the compass reading and the floor plan, place the bagua in the center of the space, lining up the north section of the bagua with the compass reading of the North area in your space and you will see the 8 locations of different feng shui areas of your space.  Each of the 8 feng shui areas or directions are connected to the life areas mentioned above, and they each relate to a specific feng shui element and colour.  The traditional bagua looks like the picture below.


To make feng shui more accessible to Western society, the spiritual leader, Grand Master Lin Yun, developed a Western form of feng shui which he introduced in the 1970’s.  The Western bagua, called the Black Hat Sect Feng Shui, a.k.a. the BTB, is made up of 9 areas which are the same as listed above, (with the exception that on some BTB maps the health and family are split into two areas side by side).  The bagua is placed over the floor plan of the space and the space it covers, shows the location of nine main areas of energy in every home.  This is becoming the more preferred bagua of use and is arranged like the picture below.


You can create this grid on you own, using tracing paper of the same size of your floor plan.  Superimpose it over your floor plan by aligning the bottom row of the grid with the wall of your front door.  Once you determine which areas of your space are connected to the specific areas of the bagua you can apply these to make a positive affect to those areas of your life. You can introduce the corresponding bagua elements of water, wood, earth, fire and metal, with the area they correspond to in your space to create a positive flow of chi.

Introducing these elements does not need to be extravagant or complicated.  For example, wood can be introduced to the health and family area as simply as hanging a picture, with a photo of your family or friends, in a wooden frame in that area of your space.  For luck and prosperity in your career, you can bring in the element of water by hanging a painting of a body of water or you can introduce the color black to this area of your home.

There are also a number of feng shui symbols you can place in your home to bring good luck.  The Dragon, Lucky Bamboo, The Laughing Buddha, Chinese Coins,  The Mystic Knot, Foo Dogs, The Pagoda Tower, Wind Chimes, a Money Tree Plant and The Waving Lucky Kitty.

feng shui lucky coins       Shisa in Okinawa,Japan       西尔瓦娜Comugnero

Applying the proper Feng Shui cures will improve the quality of the energy in your space and not only attract better luck your way, but create a space that makes you feel good, positive, calm, balanced and happy.

peace & prosperity! irie soul Xx


Smoke It Out

Have you ever felt like you are susceptible to feeling or being affected by the energy around you?  I can recall times where I’ve walked into a room that gave off strange vibes.  There are even a couple people who have been introduced into my life recently who I can’t help but feel weary around.  Well I no longer think it’s just me being paranoid.  I realize, I feel this way around these places or people because of the energy they give off, and because I am one of those people, more sensitive to sensing it.

Recently I’ve learned that there is an easy way to purify some of these negative energies by smoking it out.  Now this is not the type of smoke you’re probably thinking of…  it’s a spiritual practice referred to as smudging.  Smudging is a sacred spiritual tradition that has been performed by Native Americans for centuries to purify and cleanse, as well as to ward off evil.   It is a ritual that involves the burning of dried herbs; such as sage, sweet grass and cedar, to create smoke which clears and purifies – it smokes it out.  Smudging can be used in the home, in an object, in an office or even on a person.  It can be used when you’re feeling depressed, angry, resentful, unwell, after having nightmares or after you’ve gotten all worked up from having an argument with someone.  I’ve even read that smudging can help you get over a traumatic negative experience.

When moving into a new home some people like perform a smudging to clear out the energy of other people, as the previous tenant’s or home owners energy could be old, sad or negative.  Or maybe suddenly for either no reason at all, or after a bad experience, you are aware of an off energy in a familiar place that you never felt before?   Smudging can help to correct these energies.  When smudging your home, once the stick is lit it is suggested to spread the smoke in a meditative way while stating what your intentions are.  For example, “Bless this home and all who enter it with love and positivity.  Please cleanse this home of any negative or stagnant energy and we ask the good spirits to stay and the bad spirits to leave.”  Walk around your home beginning at the front door, going around the door frames, waving the smoke so it reaches the corners, the walls from floor to ceiling, from room to room, until you end up back at the front door, or wherever you started.  Make sure you have windows and or doors open so that the negative energy you smoke out can flow out of your space while the positive energy takes its place.  It’s also ideal to clean your space before you smudge it.  The same methods can be used for smudging your office or work space.

I have heard the term “you should burn sage” before and I sort of knew what it meant, but now I have a deeper understanding of what it is all about (like who knew you could smudge a person?!) and how to do it.  And now I know you can even smudge Yourself!  By smudging yourself, you purify and remove your own negative energies.  If you would like to perform the ceremony as the Native Americans do, you will want to honor Mother Earth. First, thank the Four Directions by beginning in the East, then South, West and North, working clockwise. Next, hold the smudge near the ground to thank Mother Earth and then above to honor Father Sky and the Great Spirit.  Then you can begin to fan the smoke onto yourself from top to bottom, front to back, and side to side, cleansing your aura of any disturbances, and then also inhaling a small amount of the smoke to cleanse your insides.

Okay it all sounds great, so how do we do this?  Well you can buy smudge “sticks” or “wands” for burning or you can burn loose dried herbs in a “smudge bowl” (or any fire safe bowl).  Smudge sticks are dried herbs that come bundled, usually bound with a string like the picture below.

Sage Smudge Sticks

If you are located in the city in Toronto, you can buy smudge sticks at, International Herbs, in Kensington Market.  All you do is light one end of the stick with a long match or a candle, (it may take a moment to fully light) then carefully blow out the flame so that the end is just smoking (like a cigar) and gently fan the smoke.   You will want to have something under the stick to catch any embers or ash when lighting it and while spreading around the smoke.  When you finish smudging simply extinguish the smudge stick by suffocating the flames.  Ensure it is completely extinguished as it could start a fire.  If you are burning loose dried leaves/herbs in a bowl, you light just one or two leaves or a pinch of the herbs at a time, as we want the herbs to smolder, not flame up or start a fire.   When burning herbs in a bowl, they also suggest using a fan to direct the smoke.  Oh and yes, you can make your own smudge sticks.  Try to obtain and burn a variety of herbs to see what you like best.  All three mentioned above, purify and remove negative energy, the most popular being white sage.  Obviously, if the smell of an herb turns you off, you shouldn’t use it for clearing negative energy.

We smudged our home last night to remove all the stale, negative energies (including the ones I used to produce myself before my days of yoga and meditation).  I also smudged as a way to celebrate my new energetic, vibrational spiritual connection with the world.  It didn’t happen right away (as I was kinda waiting for something to happen once we finished) but I did feel a sense of calm after I just sat on the couch and chilled out.  With the condo so spick ‘n span I also felt like we were starting a fresh new slate.  I felt really relaxed and was in bed and passed out before 10 pm (which is super early for me – whose goes to bed at nine something?).

The use of smudging is so versatile and is an important spiritual practice that will help attract good and positive energies to your aura.  The purity of your intent is the most important factor as well as treating this sacred practice with respect.  So if you’re feeling negative or stagnant energy around you –  smoke it out!  Happy smudging!

peace & smudge! irie soul Xx


The moon over the sea

The Full Moon – The Lunar Effect

Did you feel the effects of the Full Moon last night? Maybe over the past couple days?  If you haven’t yet, there are still a couple days to go before its effects can no longer leave an impression.  Let me tell you how.

A Full Moon occurs when the moon is on the exact opposite side of the Sun, with reference to the Earth.  While it sits here it appears to be fully illuminated, occurring roughly every 29.5 days.  In Toronto the moment of the true Full Moon occurred at 6:09 pm, the minute where it was 100% completely illuminated.  We still consider the Moon to be full when it is at least 95 % illuminated so while coming into (Waxing Gibbous) and going out of (Waning Gibbous) this ‘complete’ illumination.  In this way the full moon lasts a few days.

One explanation for the change in human behavior during a Full Moon is the theory that because the human body is said to be made up of 70% water, the gravitational pull of the moon would affect our bodies in the same way it affects the tide in the oceans, making us more physically active.  However scientific studies have proven this theory to be false.

Although the moons effects on human behavior are not scientifically proven, in the spiritual world it is believed to have an impact.  This impact is referred to as the lunar effect.  It is described that, all objects, like we know from astrology, including stars, planets and satellite bodies, emanate subtle intangible frequencies which have an influence and affect our consciousness.

The frequencies emanating from the moon affect the frequencies of the mind; our feelings, emotions and desires.  On a New Moon and Full Moon day these frequencies are more active, a heightened activity of the mind is observed.  This activity can range from our thoughts, productivity, and creativity.  Like in popular belief the Full Moon can have negative effects wreaking havoc on our emotions (which it usually does to me) but it can also present itself as a time of positive opportunity and development.   Whatever your mood is, the feeling will be intensified.   Over the past couple days, things that would normally piss me off, sent me into a tail spin.  Once I realized it was “that time of the lunar cycle” again I was able to be more aware of my feelings, knowing they are prone to escalate quickly.

Now that we are aware we are in a full moon cycle and know its effects, we can use this time to benefit ourselves positively.  During a new moon and full moon, it is the perfect time to think creatively, to focus, and manifest our dreams and goals.  Making plans, or starting a project around this time is great as those creative juices are flowing more freely and we are able to hold a greater focus on whatever it is we are working on.  For example, I started this whole webpage and blog during the full moon cycle in January; and didn’t even realize it until I started writing this post today!  In theory, manifesting our dreams and goals over a Full Moon will also give a stronger pull on the law of attraction.  All of this also applies as being and opportune time for working on yourself.  Doing yoga and meditating during this time will yield stronger results as the more calm we are, the more of a positive effect we will receive.  (If you haven’t read my post on Meditation, I would recommend it today!)

Right now is also the perfect time to think positively and be grateful for what we have, so take a moment to reflect today.  Take a minute to breathe in a few deep breaths and actually smile.  Think about all the blessings you have been given and all that life has to offer.

peace & light. irie soul Xx

Young redhead woman  walking on the beach with pink balloons. Ph

Let It Go

I know this is one of those easier said than done type things but I’m going with it anyway because it is something we will all be better doing. We all have that thing that we are holding onto and that we would be better off letting go of. Just let it go. It could be a difficult or traumatizing experience from the past that’s harboring negative feelings in our subconscious. Or a recent fight or argument with a close friend or family member that’s causing awkwardness, resentment and lingering bad feelings. It could even be just a brief negative experience (with that random super angry unnecessarily rude stranger), whose managed to transfer their mood onto you, creating anxiety and raising your blood pressure. This last type, those random negative encounters, used to really affect me. Sometimes literally ruining my whole day and affecting my interactions with everyone thereafter. Thanks to yoga and meditation I have learned to just let it go. It’s by no means easy and I’m not saying I’m never affected, but I’ve learned to take a few deep breaths and just exhale that negative energy out. Now with my new-found ability to see things in a new light I’ve also learned to actually feel compassion for these miserable individuals, where I used to just feel angry and bitter towards them. These people enter our experience for such a brief time, and however unpleasant they may be, they are not worth wasting our energy over. Just take a deep breath, let it go and continue on with your day. One trick I’ve learned to use, from my Calm app, is to force a smile after these types of unpleasant encounters. Just the feeling of smiling, in those muscles in your face, can really help swing your mood back to a positive one.

So how do we learn to let go of these deep-seated experiences from our past? Like I said before this is easier said than done, but it can be done by accepting what happened and accepting that what’s done is done. Realizing there is nothing we can do to change the past and seeing that we do more harm to ourselves by holding onto it and bringing all that old shit into our present, will make it easier to just let it go. This won’t happen immediately once we realize these things, but over time, by taking it day by day, we can learn to let go, inch by inch, until we feel at peace with the acceptance that we have moved on from the experience. Think of it as holding onto the string of a helium balloon. Right now you are holding onto the balloon itself, and over time you learn to let go of the balloon and hold onto the string. Then you learn to move further and further down the string of the balloon until you just let go; letting the balloon and all those negative feelings float far away. Not only will we learn from these past negative traumatic or life-changing experiences, but we will also grow and learn from the experience of letting them go.

If you’re holding on to a grudge over an argument or fight with a friend or family member the best way to just let it go is by thinking about what’s really important in life. Time is so precious and avoiding somebody you love just wastes the precious time that we all have together here on earth. Spending time fighting with someone and being annoyed over these situations is also an unproductive waste of your own time.  When you think about it like this, it will be easier to be the bigger person and reach out to your friend or family. Sometimes it will also take acknowledging that maybe their behavior towards you has nothing to do with Yourather the way they communicate or react, is just the way they are. In some of these cases, letting go won’t necessarily mean we will let these people back into our lives, as a similar situation may be bound to repeat itself, but letting go of the animosity will benefit you. You will be freeing yourself of tension and negative thoughts towards this person (negative thoughts from your mind) and allow yourself to avoid a potential uncomfortable encounters, especially when it comes to family, an encounter is bound to happen.

When we hold on to these negative feeling our chakras are affected and will become unbalanced and overtime can have more physical effects on our well-being. Holding onto past experiences over a long period of time does even more damage, especially when we’re harboring feelings of anger. Holding on to these negative feelings cause tension and create anxiety and stress in our present as we are constantly conjuring these types of energies. How can we expect to have positive results in our life when we’re holding on to negativity? Again, all this may take some time but once you do finally let it go you will feel the proverbial weight lifted off your shoulders. So try it out, take a deep breath and let it go! It is an important part of reaching enlightenment and living that positive lifestyle, with no more drama!  Okay – now cue the Frozen sound track…”Let it Go…. Let it Gooooooooooooo!…”

peace & release! irie soul Xx